Longview Voters Choose Stonewater As “Best Of East Texas”

The votes are in, and Longview News-Journal readers selected Stonewater Roofing as Best Roofing Company in the newspaper’s annual “Best of East Texas” competition. This marks the 30th year for the honor and the first time that Stonewater has taken the top prize.

The “Best of East Texas” competition recognizes local businesses across all industries including retail, dining, and home services. In order to even be considered for the contest, companies had to first be recommended by their customers during a month-long nomination phase. Then, the top three companies in each industry were put into another month-long vote. Winners were chosen for each category by the newspaper’s readers.

Best Of East Texas 2022

“It was an honor just to be nominated, and everyone at Stonewater is extremely grateful to now win,” stated COO and co-owner Jacob Law. “We certainly owe this award to our customers, both past and present, who cared enough to make their voices heard. It speaks to the quality of our work and the relationships that we build, that people actually want to spread the word.”

“We do things the right way,” continued Law. “We’re honest. We’re reliable. Our customers really want to recommend us to their friends and strangers alike.” In fact, Stonewater Roofing has more than 600 positive reviews across their locations in Longview, Tyler, and Bedford.

So, if you need someone to help with your roof, it makes sense to choose the one that your neighbors love — the only one that has been voted “Best of East Texas.” Contact the local experts at Stonewater Roofing for a free damage assessment, or request a free energy assessment to find out how you can save money by switching to solar.

How To Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage & What To Do Next

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, that includes hail! Damaging storms aren’t just a problem during storm season — you never know when an unexpected hail barrage may strike. All Texas homeowners need to be on the lookout for hail damage to their roofs. No two storms are alike: wind speed, hail quantity, and hail size can all affect how much damage your roof sustains during a given storm.

Even if a storm doesn’t look too bad from the living room window, you should always take a walk around the yard and check for signs of hail damage. The sooner you notice problems with your shingles or catch growing leaks, the faster you can get them fixed by expert contractors.

A roof that has been inspected for hail damage with triangles around the spots of damage.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof & How To Fix It Fast

There’s just one problem: how can you tell if your roof has hail damage if you’ve never seen it before? Let’s answer that question and more so you know when to call contractors for fast fixes.

Signs Of Hail Damage To Your Roof

You can often tell when your roof has been harmed by looking for signs of hail damage on the ground or on other aspects of your house. By checking for hail damage, you can give an accurate report to a roofing contractor or your insurance company, plus have a better idea of what to expect from an official inspection. Check for signs like:

  • Dings or dents on your garage door or downspouts above five feet — that’s damage that can only come from flying hail!
  • Paint damage or dents in your home’s siding.
  • Broken window panes or screens.
  • Damage to yard furniture or mailboxes.
  • Loose shingles on the ground — they had to come from somewhere!

Don’t forget to check your gutters, too. If your gutters around your roof have dents or holes on the bottom from hail, odds are the recent storm was tough enough to do a number on the roof itself.

Of course, you might also notice some interior signs of hail damage to your roof, such as leaks. If your roof is dripping water into your living room, you can bet it’s time to call a qualified roofing contractor!

Calling A Contractor For A Free Assessment

If you’re not sure whether your roof has hail damage — or if the damage is severe enough for repairs — don’t break out the ladder yourself and climb up top. That can be dangerous, even in the best circumstances.

Instead, contact licensed roof repair specialists to take a look for you. Stonewater Roofing offers a free damage assessment without charging you a dime. Our team can check out your roof from above and give you an official breakdown of the damage and the best next steps to take, including roof repairs or replacement.

If you have asphalt or composition shingles, your contractor might report seeing:

  • Black marks or “bruises” on your shingles.
  • Asphalt granules in the gutters.
  • Bare patches on individual shingles.
  • Shattered or cracked shingles.

If you have wood shingles, your contractor might notice signs of hail damage such as:

  • Split or shattered shingles.
  • Hail impact marks along the splits through wood shingles.

Hail damage signs also include dents, cracks, or holes. Typically, hail pieces larger than one inch in diameter are enough to cause major dents and cracks on shingles.

A contractor replacing roofing shingles.

Importance Of Repairing A Roof Damaged By Hail As Soon As Possible

If you notice any damage to your roof after a hailstorm, you should get it looked at by a pro, even if it doesn’t seem to be so bad now. Even minor damage can become worse if you fail to repair it quickly.

Picture a single shingle broken off your roof after the season’s first hailstorm. It’s not a big deal… at first. But when the next hailstorm comes, that exposed patch of roof will be much more vulnerable to major cracks, leaks, and other problems.

Taking care of damage from hail early will save you money — and a big headache — in the long run. It’s much cheaper to replace a few broken shingles or perform basic roof repairs than it is to replace your roof wholesale after a heavy downpour of hail.

Roofing contractors repairing a roof damaged from hail.

When Is Roof Replacement Necessary?

Sometimes, though, you get so unlucky, and your roof sustains enough hail damage that a roof replacement is necessary. The trick is determining when that’s the case.

Generally, your roof should be replaced after hail damage:

  • If multiple major leaks are affecting your home.
  • If a large portion of the shingles are damaged or destroyed.
  • If it would cost roughly the same to repair your existing roof as it would be to replace it completely.

It can be tough to tell whether your roof is damaged enough to warrant a replacement without the right expertise.

Licensed roofing contractors like Stonewater Roofing can take a look at your roof when you’re not sure. With more than a decade of experience in this area, we know what to look for and how to judge whether a roof should be replaced rather than repaired for long-term safety and cost-effectiveness.

Is Hail Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Typically, yes. Most homeowners insurance policies cover hail damage, alongside other roof damage caused by weather events like major storms, tornadoes, fallen tree branches, and more.

However, to get the cost of a roof repair job or replacement covered by your insurer, you’ll need to have the damage evaluated. Licensed contractors at Stonewater Roofing can do that for you, plus offer knowledgeable repair or replacement recommendations.  

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Hail Damage Or Replace A Roof?

Insurance coverage comes as a major relief to many Texas homeowners in hail season. Average storm damage roof repairs cost about $700, according to HomeAdvisor. However, costs could be higher if you don’t repair hail damage as soon as you see it. If you’re properly insured, you’ll only ever pay up to your deductible for hail repairs or roof replacements.

Still, it is important to get your roof checked after a hailstorm clears. The earlier the roof damage is caught, the sooner you can get it fixed.

Stonewater Roofing: Roof Repair Specialists You Can Count On

As licensed roofing contractors for Texas homeowners like you, Stonewater Roofing is the go-to choice for roof repair work. When a hailstorm bombards your home, we’ll stop by to do an assessment and help you get started on any necessary repairs.

More importantly, we’ll tackle small issues before they become too big for comfort. And if you need a roof replacement, you can bet Stonewater Roofing will handle the job professionally and efficiently.

Don’t leave signs of hail damage unattended. Contact the experts at Stonewater Roofing today for a free damage assessment.

Stonewater Receives GAF President’s Club Honor For 4th Year

Stonewater Roofing is proud to have won the GAF President’s Club honor for the fourth straight year. This is the highest award that a GAF contractor can receive and is reserved for only the best roofing companies in the industry. In fact, just 2 percent of all roofing contractors in the country are able to qualify.

GAF is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials in North America.

The road to the President’s Club begins with the GAF Master Elite program. To earn this distinction, companies must be licensed and insured, must have at least seven years of experience in the roofing industry, must remain committed to continuous training, and must have an exemplary customer satisfaction rating.

Upon reaching GAF Master Elite status, the President’s Club looks for contractors who have a history of offering their customers the very best service, reliability, and performance within the roofing industry. These are areas where Stonewater Roofing excels. Based on reviews, our customers agree.

“We know that we’re among the best of the best when it comes to providing roofing services,” said Stonewater Roofing founder and CEO Roland Browne. “We love it when our customers leave reviews online that tell us that, but we love it just as much when industry experts like GAF say it as well.”

Recognitions like GAF President’s Club are important for home and business owners who may find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of getting a new roofing system, Browne added. “There are a lot of roofing companies out there. We know that,” he said. “But when you have someone like GAF helping identify which ones are trustworthy, which ones are reliable, which ones will do the best job, it really helps to simplify the process and put the property owner’s mind at ease.”

“When you work with a GAF President’s Club member like Stonewater Roofing,” Browne concluded, “you can feel confident that everything’s going to turn out great.”

Start your roofing project today with a free damage assessment. Contact the experts at Stonewater Roofing to schedule your first appointment and rest assured that a verified, honest company has got your back throughout the entire process.

2022 Stonewater Scholarship Winners Announced

Stonewater Roofing is proud to announce the winners of the second annual Stonewater Scholarship. A total of five $2,500 prizes will be awarded to graduating seniors in five Texas cities. Students will receive their scholarships at the award ceremonies being held by their respective high schools next month.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Emily Davidson

Emily Davidson: Emily is a senior at Tyler Legacy High School. Her parents both work for nonprofits and, since elementary school, inspired her to donate time toward helping others. Her dedication to the community is unmatched, and we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes as a psychology major and mental health advocate at Hendrix College.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Emma Bosworth

Emma Bosworth: Emma plays soccer at Lindale High School, but a torn ACL has sidelined her since August. She did not let that stop her from pursuing her dream to play at the collegiate level. She will be attending Southern Maine in the fall and will be back on the pitch once again. Emma has shown courage by never giving up despite her uphill battle.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Garrett Cook

Garrett Cook: Garrett is a senior at White Oak High School and will attend TCU as a journalism and political science major in the fall. Coming from a family of journalists, he has always known that this was his passion. Guided by a strong sense of integrity, he hopes to someday improve upon our nation’s political climate and news media industry.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Jocelyn Soeun

Jocelyn Soeun: Jocelyn is a senior at Kennedale High School, where her creativity sets her apart. Proud of her Cambodian and Mexican heritage, she wants to celebrate diversity and inspire others to “be the representation.” She will be attending Texas A&M in the fall and majoring in public health, with a particular interest in optometry.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Olivia DeVault

Olivia DeVault: Olivia is a senior at Central High School in Keller and wants to be a clinical pharmacist, a path she chose after battling her own health issues. She is on track to become a certified pharmacy technician before graduating high school. Having already accomplished so much, Olivia shows reliability through her many achievements.

Seniors were asked to submit short videos outlining their plans after graduation, the inspiration for choosing that path, and what the scholarship would mean to them and their family. Stonewater Roofing received nearly twice as many applicants as last year’s inaugural contest, with submissions stretching from DFW to Longview.

“Originally, we were only going to be able to award four scholarships,” explained Stonewater Roofing CEO Roland Browne, “but then, some of our partners heard we were doing it again and stepped in to help us give one more kid a scholarship. GAFABC Supply, and M. Roberts Digital chipped in to help us help out one more kid. We couldn’t be happier.”

Stonewater Roofing is very active in the communities that we call home, and encouraging students and educators is particularly special for our team. In addition the annual Stonewater Scholarship, the company also holds a #ClearTheList contest each year, helping teachers get the supplies that they need for their classrooms.

“These kids are our future,” Browne continued. “What better way to invest in the communities we serve than to invest in the kids who will one day be running the place?”

Stonewater Roofing is thankful to the partners who helped make this year’s scholarship possible, the high schools that shared the scholarship information with their senior class, and the students who took the time to submit videos. It was a pleasure to meet so many talented and inspiring individuals.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Texas? 4 Big Benefits To Consider

Summer is right around the corner, so there’s no better time to harness the power of the sun for your home. Texas gets lots of sunshine each year! For example, Dallas residents enjoy an average of more than 200 clear days a year. If you live in the Lone Star State, you’d be wise to slot a few solar panels on the roof and reap the rewards.

Why Solar Panels Are Worthwhile Investments For Long-Term Savings

But what are those rewards? Aside from helping the environment, there are even better reasons to install solar panels on your roof as soon as possible. Don’t believe us? Here’s a breakdown of four major benefits to consider when installing solar panels in Texas.

How much can you save with solar panels in Texas?

According to energy.gov, solar power is competitive with electricity sold by local utility companies in several major cities around the country. In many cases, you can lower electricity bills by more than 60 percent, depending on how many panels you install and where you live.

When you take advantage of solar power, you’ll generate electricity for your home’s many appliances and systems, including the refrigerator, A/C system, lights, and more. That extra electricity is even more valuable during the year’s hottest months like July and August.

If your energy bill is well over $100 each month, solar panels may save you thousands of dollars within a year or two. If you ask us, this benefit alone makes solar panels from Stonewater Roofing well worth the time it takes to install them. Solar panels are a home improvement that pays for itself, especially since you can get your panels financed!

Does Texas have a solar tax credit?

More than one, in fact. That’s another great reason to go solar: you can pay fewer taxes. Depending on where you live and when you install solar panels, you can take advantage of both a federal tax credit and possibly one or more state-specific tax credits.

A roofing contractor installing solar panels

Federal Tax Credit

The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) has been in effect since 2006. It was recently renewed, so it’ll still be around until the end of 2023 (and beyond, if Congress extends it again).

If you install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system before the end of 2022, you can claim up to 26 percent of the cost of your PV solar panel installation as a tax credit. This includes the costs for assembly and installation, permits, inspection fees, and sales taxes. With this tax credit, you can deduct that amount from your taxable income for the year.

However, you have to take advantage of the solar ITC soon. If you install your solar power system in 2023, you’ll only be able to claim 22 percent of your solar panel installation cost. In 2024, the tax credit could be gone, so you may not see any tax benefit if you try to install solar panels that year.

Solar panel installation can cost several thousand dollars no matter where you live. But the solar ITC can cover a big chunk of that cost by reducing how much you owe in taxes at year’s end.

Texas-Specific Tax Credits & Programs

On top of the federal solar ITC, you can also look into Texas-specific tax credits and breaks. For example, there’s the Solar Energy System Property Tax Exemption, which exempts your house’s added home value when you install solar panels in Texas.

Plus, your local utility company may offer its own solar rebates or special deals. These rebates can reduce the upfront cost of installing solar panels, lower the cost of labor, or provide other financial benefits after installation. Here are some examples of solar-related deals and credits you may qualify for:

  • The TXU Energy Renewable Buyback Plan: If you’re enrolled in an energy plan from TXU, you’ll get bill credits for the extra energy your solar panels produce. If you help the statewide grid by donating those extra kilowatts, you’ll be rewarded with free credits to use against your energy bill each month!
  • CPS Energy: Customers can earn up to $1.20 per watt for any extra energy generated by their solar panels and donated to the grid.

Regardless of who supplies your power or where you live in Texas, a residential solar system can save you money one way or another.

Become an independent Texas homeowner.

Solar panels are worth more than lower utility bills and federal solar tax credits. In some cases, they’re vital for safety.

February 2021 saw Texas’s power grid devastated by record low freezing temperatures and a winter storm that left many people without power. If you were affected by that winter storm, you already know the benefits of energy independence.

What better way to exemplify the independent spirit of a Texan than to supply and store your own electricity with an optional battery system? With solar panels and a battery, you’ll be better secured against energy interruptions if another winter storm rolls around this year or the next.

While your solar energy might not supply as much power as the overall energy grid, some electricity is far better than none. You can think of solar panels as insurance against future catastrophes. It’s always better to be prepared for the worst than be caught off-guard!

Roofing contractors installing solar panel tracks on a home.

Do solar panels add value to a house in Texas?

But what if you don’t plan to live in your current home for too much longer? In that case, solar roofing is still a beneficial investment. When you install solar panels, you increase the resale value of your house for future buyers, often by up to 6 percent!

That means a bigger profit you can put toward a larger house or homestead. As solar power becomes more popular around the country, odds are the value of solar roofs will become higher too. Whether you sell your house in the next year or in the next 10 years, those panels will put extra dollars in your pocket.

So, Are Solar Panels Worth It In Texas?

We think the answer is a resounding yes!

Simply put, solar panels save you money, make you money, and guarantee greater energy independence than any other home improvement project you can pursue. With so many upsides, there’s no reason not to see whether your home is a good fit for solar.

Luckily, you can get solar panels installed easily and as soon as possible with Stonewater Roofing. As experienced, family-owned and operated roofing professionals, we offer the best solar solutions for commercial buildings and residential properties just like yours.

Not only do we offer solar panel installation, but we’re also ready to provide energy assessments, site surveys, and anything else you may need — including a solar battery for storing excess electricity or charging stations for electric vehicles! You’ll get service honed by 11 years of dedication to our clients when you contact us.

Why wait? Put the sun to work for you and save a bundle of green with solar energy solutions from Stonewater Roofing.

Top Commercial Roofing Industry Trends You’ll See In 2022

The commercial roofing industry is like any other. From time to time, certain trends crop up and are adopted by commercial building owners across the nation, especially when those trends provide tangible benefits to businesses. Though 2022 has just begun, several key trends in the areas of energy efficiency and aesthetics have emerged.

2022’s Most Important Commercial Roofing Industry Trends

Your business could benefit from commercial roofing industry trends depending on your needs, roof quality and size, and other factors. Let’s take a closer look at some of these trends in detail.

Green Commercial Roofs

Green rooftops for commercial buildings aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re literally green! Green roofs may be installed on commercial buildings with flat rooftops. Think of them as ultra-efficient gardens that provide several major benefits, including:

  • They’re aesthetically pleasing. What looks better than a green garden growing atop your company HQ or restaurant?
  • They may contribute to energy efficiency for your commercial building by keeping temperatures cool in the hot summer sun, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to run so hard.
  • They’re eco-friendly by definition and may reduce stormwater runoff.

Because of these benefits, green roofs are rapidly becoming more popular in urban areas, including many cities in the East Texas area. All in all, installing a green roof could be one of the best ways to make use of the empty space atop your commercial building.

However, because of their complexity, green roofs should only be installed by experienced commercial roofing experts. Green roofs must be installed while carefully accounting for drainage, aeration, and proper support based on a building’s structural limitations. Furthermore, many green roofs require ongoing preventative maintenance.

A commercial building roof with solar panels installed

Solar Paneled Commercial Roofs

Naturally, solar panel roofs are also becoming more common. Texas gets plenty of sunshine, and you can use that to your advantage by retrofitting your commercial building with solar panels. Solar panels:

  • May help you save money by providing electricity you can use for building operations (or, in some cases, help you make money by “selling” the excess electricity back to the grid).
  • May provide your business with tax breaks in some cases.
  • Will protect you against a power grid disaster. They may be one of the best ways to insulate your commercial building(s) against a repeat of 2021’s big Texas freeze.

Solar power isn’t going away. It’s the way of the future for both commercial and residential roofs alike.

As with green roofs, it’s best to hire experienced contractors, like Stonewater Roofing, to install solar panels on your commercial building’s roof. The right contracting team can make sure that your solar equipment is installed properly and safely for your roof and overall building structure.

The commercial roof of a Wendy’s restaurant located in the Longview, Texas area

“Cool” Commercial Roofing Designs

It’s always wise to make sure that your commercial buildings are kept cool against the sweltering Texas sun. That’s why many commercial building owners are looking to redo their roofs with “cool” improvements.

Cool roofs have reflective coatings layered over their base roofing materials and are useful in Texas and many other hot places in the U.S. Luckily, cool roof coatings come in a variety of light colors like white or blue. That way, you can coordinate the look of your cool roof with your commercial building’s existing style or aesthetic.

Light colors are much cooler than dark colors like black, which can reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees or even higher in the summer since they reflect more sunlight than darker colors.

When cool roof coatings are implemented, your rooftop will reflect more daytime heat. This can, in turn, reduce your commercial building’s energy bills and help your air conditioning units last longer.

Commercial Roofs With High-Performance Insulation

Energy efficiency is king for many commercial building owners. Who doesn’t want to save extra money and benefit from special tax credits? High-performance and high-density insulation for your roof lets you achieve that energy efficiency by conserving power and cool air inside your building(s).

When combined with cool roofing coatings or other adjustments, insulation helps ensure that your commercial building is more energy-efficient and comfortable for its occupants. Like many other commercial roofing trends, the right insulation will also last for years to come, so you can make a single modification over a few weeks or months and reap the benefits long term.

Use Of Recycled Materials

Lastly, commercial building owners and roofing contractor companies may opt to use recycled materials for new rooftops or roof repairs. For example, many roof material manufacturers now offer synthetic shingles made from plastic and rubber. To suit a business’ unique requirements, the shingles can be designed in a variety of colors, shapes, and aesthetic styles.

In addition to aesthetic flexibility, many synthetic roofing materials are more affordable relative to traditional material options.

Should You Follow Trends For Your Commercial Roofing Project?

Every commercial building is different, and every business has distinct needs. While trends can be important to notice — especially when you’re considering replacing or repairing your commercial roof — it’s also important to remember that not every trend is ideal for you.

For example, you may have difficulty determining whether you should install solar panels on your roof or choose another roofing modification instead. As the go-to roofing and solar panel installation experts for East Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Tyler, and other areas, Stonewater Roofing can help you decide:

  • What roofing trends are right for your commercial building?
  • Which roof replacement or modification might yield the best benefits?
  • What roof modifications are within your budget?

Business owners just like you have trusted Stonewater Roofing for 11 years based on the quality of our workmanship, our years of experience, and our customer service. We offer free damage assessments and quality roofing services no matter your needs. Let us help you decide what commercial roofing trends you should follow by contacting us today!

Janie’s Cakes In Tyler Gets Clean New Commercial Roof

Many ingredients go into making the perfect pound cake. But without a building to work in, the team at Janie’s Cakes would have nowhere to whip up their delicious treats. That’s why it was important to them — and us — that Janie’s Cakes get the best possible roof for their kitchen and storefront in Tyler.

Janie Clapp and Katherine Crow are the mother-daughter duo behind Janie’s Cakes. While the company began decades ago, they did not move into their current location until 2009, repurposing the old Coats-McCain Lumber Company building on East Front Street. “It’s been here for a long time,” said Clapp. “I’m not sure when it was built. Twenties? Thirties?”

The roof had been leaking for a little bit, Clapp and Crow explained. They realized that it was time to find an honest and reliable roofing company to tackle the job. “We’d just finally gotten to the point where the leaks were a little too frequent,” Crow said. “I called y’all’s office and got a call back, and then Roland was over here, like, lickety-split.”

Crow is talking about Roland Browne, the founder and CEO of Stonewater Roofing, who personally addressed the Janie’s Cakes project. “Janie’s Cakes is iconic in the East Texas area, and they have a beautiful building that’s just a ray of sunshine to look at,” Browne said. “I’m so happy that we were able to get them covered with a strong and dependable new roof.”

“They were on it, very efficient,” Clapp said of the roofing process.

Crow was quick to echo her mother’s statements. “Efficient, prompt, on time, well organized,” she said. “Anytime we do a project, we like to improve upon it, and Roland had the same point of view. So, not only would our roof be replaced, it would be replaced with a better quality material. It would overall be more energy efficient and more durable. So, maybe we’ll gain another decade or so out of it.”

“I appreciate the fact, too, that they kept us informed,” Clapp said. “If something came up with our oven, our vent to go with that I mean, they talked it over with us. They just didn’t do something. They discussed what they were going to do.”

“It looks great. It’s clean. It’s definitely an improvement from what we had, and really thankful that it happened so quickly,” said Crow. “Great overall. I enjoyed the whole process. I would do it all over again.”

Crow even gave Stonewater Roofing the best compliment of all, comparing our commercial roofing knowledge to those yummy desserts that she and her mom make each day. “Y’all are experts in your field just like we’re experts at making cakes,” she added. True, but our roofs don’t taste so darn good!

Are you ready to protect and improve your business with a new roof? Contact us now to schedule a free damage assessment, and see for yourself why Janie’s Cakes and so many other companies in Texas and Louisiana are raving about Stonewater Roofing’s commercial services.

Stonewater Roofing Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency

Stonewater Roofing is now one of the first roofing companies in Texas to begin taking cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The innovative East Texas roofers are working with BitPay, the industry’s leading cryptocurrency processor, to accept transactions using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Stellar, Monero and more.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators within the roofing and construction industry,” explained Stonewater Roofing CEO and founder Roland Browne. “From the initial process of setting up an appointment, through the actual roofing project, down to this final step of making a payment, we want everything to be simple for our customers. New technology contributes to that.”

The company had already been accepting online payments as part of its Remote Roofing program, which allows property owners to go through the roofing process with little to no direct contact with Stonewater Roofing personnel. This program also involves electronic documents, videoconferencing and online photo sharing — other technological advancements that Stonewater Roofing was quick to embrace.

In addition, Stonewater Roofing recently introduced Solar Solutions for those looking to cut the cost of their monthly electric bill from 60 percent to 100 percent. This is yet another innovative option that not all roofing companies are able to offer.

Cryptocurrency payment is an extension of these advancements. “It’s about giving our customers as many options as possible and breaking down any obstacles that may come between a property owner and the safety of a new roof,” Browne added. “When the crypto market is hot, and an early adopter has a lot of profit in their account, they might see that as a good opportunity to invest in the home, whereas a more steady cash income might be guarded more tightly to make payments at places where crypto is not yet accepted.”

Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and only a handful of major companies have adopted it as a form of payment in the United States. Those include Microsoft, Starbucks, The Home Depot, Whole Foods and Tesla.

Paying with cryptocurrency is simple for those who already have invested in the digital assets. Simply visit our Financing page and click the BitPay button to submit an outstanding payment. “We’re so proud to offer this new option to our customers,” said Browne, “as we continue to lead the way into the future of our industry.”

Go Green & Save Green: Stonewater Now Offering Solar Solutions

Stonewater Roofing is extremely proud to add solar panel technology to its existing catalog of roofing options, giving customers a chance to take back power from the big electric companies while making our planet a cooler place to live.

“Solar power is all about green,” stated Stonewater Roofing CEO Roland Browne. “It’s eco-friendly for property owners who want to go green and help protect our environment, but it can also save you some green by drastically cutting the cost of your monthly electric bill.”

The amount saved is based on a detailed list of variables and is different from one customer to the next. However, many property owners should be able to offset their electricity costs by more than 60 percent. Some may even be able to cut their costs by nearly 100 percent — all while adding 4-6 percent to their property’s value.

Plus, the amount of money you save each month will actually increase over time. That’s because solar customers are free from the threat of electricity price hikes. Utility companies routinely increase your bills and, since you need electricity, you are just forced to pay the new amount. Solar energy provides an alternative option, one that is not subject to inflation.

Stonewater Roofing’s solar experts are able to completely assess the financial benefits during an initial energy assessment.

These savings, along with a 26 percent federal solar tax rebate, can help property owners quickly cover the costs associated with solar panel installation and start putting that cash to better use. “This lets you tuck money away for a new car, a family vacation, or something else that you really love,” Browne added. This rebate percentage drops to 22 percent in 2023 and just 10 percent in 2024, so don’t miss out on your chance to cash in!

But the benefits of solar energy are not strictly financial. There is a practical side as well. “Texas experienced an absolutely awful snowstorm last year that led to a massive power crisis. Many homes and businesses were without power for several days. People should not have to live in fear of that happening again,” Browne said. “Solar keeps you safe from another power crisis.”

Indeed, the Stonewater solar package can include an optional battery backup system for storing any energy generated by the sun. That means, even if the state’s electric grid goes dark, your property will have access to an uninterrupted supply of power. Solar panels remain operational on rainy or overcast days, and they are designed to stay mostly free of snow even in the worst storm.

“Stonewater is already on the roof,” Browne continued. “We love to innovate, and solar is just the next logical way for us to offer even more peace of mind and keep our customers even safer from the next storm.”

Click here to schedule your FREE Energy Assessment today!

Stonewater Roofing Voted Tyler Paper’s “Best In Town”

Stonewater Roofing is proud to have been voted “Best in Town” by the Tyler Morning Telegraph‘s readers. The company defeated its competition by an overwhelming majority, proving what our employees have known for years. The local experts at Stonewater Roofing are second to none when it comes to protecting your property.

Results of the contest were officially announced Sunday after nearly two full months of nominations and voting.

“We know we’re the best roofing company, and it’s nice to hear that our customers agree,” said Curtis Jackson, Stonewater’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This is obviously a huge honor for us. It shows that our entire team is doing everything right, top to bottom. It’s very rewarding, and we could not be more excited.”

“We’re extemely proud of the work we do, proud of the service we provide, and now we can be proud knowing that the people we help truly appreciate everything we’ve done,” Jackson added.

Of course, reviews are also a good measure of customer satisfaction, and Stonewater Roofing has more Google reviews than any other East Texas roofing company. Click here to read those reviews or leave one yourself!

Along with excellent customer service and workmanship, Jackson credits some of the win to the company’s community activism efforts. “Giving back to the community is not a one-way street. When you help out others, you receive help in return. Whether it’s the nonprofits we help with sponsorships, the students we help with scholarships, the teachers we help with school supplies, the property owners we help with roofing issues,” he said. “We’re the best in town because we’re an active part of the town.”

Join our list of happy customers and see for yourself why Stonewater Roofing is the best in town. Click here to schedule your free roof damage assessment today!