East Texas State Fair's Fair Food Drive-In Days

Enjoy Delicious Treats At Fair Food Drive-In Days In Tyler

Do you love fair food? Well, you don’t have to wait until September to sink your teeth into a turkey leg, funnel cake, corn dog, or any other delicious treats. The East Texas State Fair is hosting Fair Food Drive-In Days from June 4-7 behind Harvey Convention Center in Tyler.

John Sykes, President and CEO of the East Texas State Fair, called this event “one of the most exciting things that we’ve ever tried to do, especially non-fair time.” Pick up food and enjoy it wherever you please. Eat in the car. Bring it back home. Tailgate in your front yard. The choice is all yours.

East Texas State Fair's Fair Food Drive-In Days

Grab some delicious treats at the East Texas State Fair’s Fair Food Drive-In Days.

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The idea for this new event came directly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. “As things began to open up, we thought, what is a better way to make people happy than to have some fair food available, just even for a few days,” Sykes explained. But it was not just about those craving fair food. This event helps the hard-working vendors as well.

“The concessionaires have been completely frozen out,” Sykes said. “All the events around the United States, if they haven’t been canceled, they’ve been delayed or postponed, and they’re literally starving. They needed a chance to work and to have a chance to make an extra dollar.”

The early results have pleased fair officials. “We have been completely surprised,” said Sykes. He had no idea what to expect from this event. In fact, he is already thinking about plans for next year. “It’s just unbelievable how many folks have come out and enjoyed everything from turkey legs to french fries.”

“We would deem it highly successful,” Sykes added.

However, the focus will soon shift to the East Texas State Fair. Officials are keeping a close eye on government guidelines, hoping that the fair can still open on September 25 as planned. “Right now,” Sykes said, “this is a prelude into the East Texas State Fair in September.”