Senior Vice President of Solar R&D at GAF Energy holds a GAF solar shingle

Replace Your Roof with GAF Solar Shingles from Stonewater Roofing

If you’re like most Texas homeowners, you’ve probably considered installing solar panels at one time or another. Solar panels can lead to major savings on your electric bill, plus energy independence and electrical security in a crisis – if coupled with a backup battery or generator. Although Stonewater also offers rack-mounted solar solutions, some consumers worry that large panels might reduce their home’s curb appeal.

Fortunately, there’s another way to pursue energy independence and keep your roof’s durability and aesthetic appeal intact.

GAF Solar Shingles – An Innovative and Efficient Roof Upgrade

GAF Energy’s new Timberline Solar™ shingles look and protect your house just like regular shingles, but they work like solar panels. These innovative and efficient roof upgrades might be just what you’re looking for as a forward-thinking homeowner.

What Are GAF Timberline Solar Shingles?

Most solar shingles are made of heavy tiles or solar panels disguised to look like traditional shingles. GAF’s Timberline Solar product is different – and better!

A New Kind of GAF Solar Energy Shingle

Simply put, GAF’s Timberline Solar solution uses a combination of EXTREMELY low-profile photovoltaic cells and high-quality asphalt shingles that give you the most affordable and functional solar shingle on the market today.

GAF’s newest design makes their shingles easier to install compared to alternatives and ensures an attractive, low-profile look for your roof. When you install GAF Timberline Solar shingles, they’ll look comparatively more discrete than standard panels. The entire system is installed with nails – no racks and no mounts.

The result? Improved curb appeal and energy savings each month. Plus, GAF solar shingles are protected by an industry-leading warranty to cover you for up to 25 years of use at no extra charge.

GAF Solar Shingle Specs

GAF Timberline Solar Energy Shingles are high-quality, high-capacity home improvements that might be just what you need to upgrade your home’s roof the right way. They’re water-shedding, designed for durability, and are warrantied to withstand winds of up to 130 mph: ideal for withstanding the effects of major Texas storms!

These GAF solar shingles can be nailed into the roof just like regular shingles, protecting your roof’s integrity and minimizing the chance of structural issues later down the road. Roofing installation experts won’t need to drill lots of holes into your roof’s membrane, potentially leading to leaks or other damage.

Each Timberline Solar shingle is sleek, small, and merges with existing shingle patterns. Every shingle:

  • Weighs 10.1 pounds
  • Measures 64 1/4” x 17 1/8” x 1”
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 122°F

Furthermore, GAF Timberline Solar shingles are more compact, so they fit in a variety of areas where traditional 5’ x 3’ solar panels may not. GAF Energy offers new options and solar energy solutions depending on the shape and orientation of your home’s roof. With GAF Timberline Solar roof shingles, you can capture more solar energy and enjoy even greater electricity benefits!

A brick home with solar shingles installed on the roof.

The Benefits of Solar Shingles for Your Roof

Solar shingles are innovative and energy-efficient home improvements that can upgrade any modern residential roof, especially in sunny states like Texas. All solar shingles use photovoltaic, or PV, sheets to capture sunlight and convert it into electrical power. In this way, they are similar to traditional rooftop solar panels.

But modern solar shingles have an extra advantage: aesthetics. Solar shingles look close to regular asphalt shingles and provide many of the same protective benefits as standard shingles.

More importantly, solar shingles don’t appear as bulky or awkward as conventional solar panels. They’re slim, sleek, and perfect for blending with the rest of a roof. Some homeowners prefer solar shingles since they add practical value to their homes without downgrading curb appeal. Other benefits include:

  • Less maintenance is required. Due to their low profiles, solar energy shingles don’t trap as much debris beneath them.
  • Reduced energy bills for homeowners. Just like regular solar panels, solar shingles give your home power directly from the sun, enabling energy independence and major cost savings.
  • Less guesswork regarding installation. Rather than hoping every mount is in-line with a rafter, all components are simply nailed to the roof deck. This gives the homeowner and the installer greater peace of mind.

While installing any brand of solar shingles can be advantageous for your home and your energy bill, you should choose your brand wisely. Oftentimes, competitors don’t even give you an accurate proposal regarding energy generation. GAF will build you a custom design with real projections based on historical sunlight and shading reports.

With GAF Timberline Solar from providers like Stonewater Roofing, you’re in charge of:

  • How much you want to pay
  • Where you want your solar shingles
  • Financing/Terms

In addition, GAF Energy solar shingles are rated for durability, energy efficiency, and longevity. In short, they’re the ideal choice in this new and competitive market in more ways than one.

Where Can I Buy GAF Solar Shingles?

Getting the best solar energy shingles means buying from GAF. But GAF doesn’t partner with just anyone – they only trust experts to install their prime products the right way.

Stonewater Roofing is now partnered with GAF to offer Timberline Solar shingle installation. As exclusive providers of Timberline Solar in East Texas, you can rely on us to upgrade your home’s roof and free you from energy dependence.

Two roofing contractors installing GAF Solar Shingles on the roof of a house.

Stonewater Roofing – Experts in Solar Shingle Installation

With many years of experience servicing Texas customers, Stonewater Roofing is the perfect company to call when you want to install Timberline Solar shingles. Whether you’re in Texarkana or Tyler, we’re the East Texas roofing specialists you want to call. Our fully licensed and trusted contractors will:

  • Install your chosen solar roofing system with the best workmanship, materials, and techniques
  • Provide you with unparalleled service and attention to detail, as well as answer any questions you may have
  • Ensure safety for your home during and after solar shingle installation

Plus, our contractors will make sure you fully understand your Timberline Solar warranty coverage and requirements. If you’ve already installed GAF roofing products, rest assured the exact same wind and water-shedding warranty coverage you’ve enjoyed before applies to your new solar shingles.

With Timberline Solar, you can enjoy energy independence for years to come and retain your home’s curb appeal. Contact Stonewater Roofing and ask about GAF Solar Shingle installation today!