The Man Who Started It All

Roland Browne

Owner / Founder / CEO

Meet Our Leader Owner CEO Founder

Meet Roland H. Browne III.

He is the acting CEO & Founder of Stonewater Roofing. He graduated from Texas State as a Sigma Nu with a degree in Criminal Justice / Psychology in 2005. Stonewater Roofing was formed from humble beginnings in the spare bedroom of his grandmothers home; then incorporated on October 7, 2010.

Since that day, Stonewater Roofing has enjoyed exponential growth since its inception and has now become the first company in East Texas to ever achieve the GAF® MasterElite™️ Triple Excellence. In his personal time, he thoroughly enjoys competing at almost anything from Monopoly, dominoes, Jujitsu, Cross fit, running, leadership, and even real estate investments.

Above all, he enjoys spending time with his daughters Adriana and Tatiana. Last but not least, he thoroughly enjoys a good read. He hangs his hat on one fundamental tenet that has shaped and continues to shape the world around him; Knowledge is power!