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Stay Energy Independent with Rooftop Solar Panels for Your Home

Energy independence & other benefits can be yours with the right rooftop solar panels

Power grid failures and high electricity prices are things practical Texans just won’t settle for. You already take great pains to make sure your home is your castle and that you have total control over your house, its appliances, and everything you pay for, right down to gas and groceries. Why not the same with electricity? 

In fact, Texans, more than many others, could benefit from installing rooftop solar panels for their homes. With the right solar panel set up, you can beat the heat and see other advantages, including partial or total energy independence. 

The problem with grid dependence 

All Texans should fully grasp the inherent risks of tying one’s home too much to the statewide energy grid. In February 2021, the Lone Star State experienced a major power crisis. 

As severe winter storms gripped Texas, over 4.5 million homes and businesses lost energy due to energy grid collapse. Freezing temperatures led to health hazards for thousands, and many had to grapple with surviving really cold weather – all because the grid wasn’t prepared for winter hazards. 

Even worse, this pattern recently repeated itself. In May 2022, six power plants crashed because they weren’t prepared for the heat waves that rocked the state. These two events proved that you can’t rely on too many people to provide power for you and your family when you need it most. 

Fortunately, with rooftop solar panels, there’s a way for you to get the power that you need.  

Rooftop solar panels – the surefire path to energy independence

Residential solar panels might once have been a pipe dream, but now they’re more affordable than ever. Even better, licensed contractors, like Stonewater Roofing, can install efficient and powerful solar panel systems on average residential rooftops. 

Let’s be frank: Texas gets a lot of sunshine, especially in the spring and summer months! All that free power is just waiting to be harnessed by the right set of solar panels. 

Solar panels are more than just fancy home upgrades you can use to impress the neighbors. They’re also the best means to ensure your home is as energy independent as possible the next time a crisis rolls around. 

When you install a solar panel system on your rooftop:

  • The solar panels work all day long, gathering and storing electricity to be used by your home’s appliances, cooling system, heater, and any other electrical devices. 
  • The solar panels also funnel excess electricity you can’t store back into the energy grid. Depending on your electricity provider, that could result in major savings later down the road! 

Sure, eco-friendliness is all well and good. But the real advantage is freedom from the rigidity of the state power grid. With solar panels, you’re in control of your electricity and can ensure you’re ready the next time a major storm or heatwave hits. 


A man screwing in solar panels on top of a rooftop

How much do solar panels cost?

Rooftop solar panels, while excellent investments in many cases, cost more than just a few bucks. On average, solar panels cost anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 for a full set on your house’s roof. Solar installation costs can vary based on: 

  • How many panels you wish to install 
  • The types of panels you install 
  • The type of system you use to run the whole set 

That said, Texans can currently take advantage of certain federal tax incentives, area-specific rebates, and other possible discounts. With these bonuses, you could cut the cost of a full set down by several hundred dollars or more, making for even more affordable solar panels. 

While solar panels cost some money initially, they can also pay for themselves in the long run. When you finance your solar panel installation, you’ll make monthly payments toward owning your panels over time. Simultaneously, you’ll no longer pay as much (or any) money for your electric bill. 

For many Texas homeowners, the savings from generating power more than make up for the monthly payment toward solar panels. It doesn’t just cancel out the cost of solar panels – it saves you more cash in the long run since you don’t rent electricity from the power company! 


A construction man holding a drill and smiling while crouching on a rooftop with solar panels

Benefits of installing solar panels for your home sooner than later

There are many big reasons why most Texans can benefit from installing solar panels on their rooftops at the earliest opportunity. 

Energy independence & grid shutdown defense

By far, the most important benefit of installing solar panels on your rooftop is energy independence. 

Not every home can hold enough panels to cover all of the energy it requires, of course. In addition, you might not be fully energy independent during certain times of the year, like the winter or if there’s a week with a lot of cloudy skies. But you’ll find that solar panels free you from energy dependence on the grid more often than not. 

When you install solar panels on your rooftop, you don’t have to worry about a statewide grid failure causing your family to sweat in the summer or shiver in the winter. You’re only responsible for making sure your panels are up and running and safe from weather hazards.  

Is it extra responsibility? Sure! But being in control is always a good thing, especially for something as important as your home!  

Tax rebates

Currently, the federal government still offers significant tax incentives to those who install solar panels. The most common solar federal tax credit lets you claim up to 30% of your installation costs until 2032.  

Certain energy companies might offer their own benefits, like paying you for donating excess electricity to the grid. In any case, you’ll benefit from these tax rebates and alternative discounts if you make the decision to install solar panels today! 

Electric bill savings

Don’t discount the cash you can save with a lower energy bill each month. The average residential solar panel on the market produces about 250 to 400 W of electricity per day. A full solar panel system’s power output can be anywhere between 750 and 850 kWh each year. 

Given that a normal-sized American house needs about 10,000 kWh each year, you could theoretically see your electricity bill vanish almost entirely with a set of 20 to 30 panels. Even if you can’t cut your electric bill 100%, think of the extra cash in your pocket after you put the sun to work for your home! 

You can use online estimation tools to determine how much power a solar panel system could generate for your home. 


Added home value

Solar panels can add one more benefit to your home: pure resale value. Say you eventually want to move and sell your house. With a full set of functioning solar panels installed, your home will be worth much more money – giving you extra cash to purchase a new home or fund your retirement adventures.  

Start your journey to energy independence today

Independence is an all-American value that we should all hold dear. Now more than ever, energy independence is within your grasp. The right solar panel setup can set you and your family free from the constraints of shared grid electricity and protect you in the event of another statewide failure. Taking all of these solar panel benefits into account, why wait? 

Solar energy solutions are available from providers like Stonewater Roofing. We have many years of roofing experience and the local expertise needed to install Texas solar panels efficiently and cost-effectively. With our help, you can make your own electricity, save on taxes, and add value to your property. Contact us today!