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Stonewater Roofing Joins American Policyholder Association

Stonewater Roofing is proud to become a member of the American Policyholder Association, a nonprofit watchdog organization that promotes integrity within the insurance industry. The group is made up of restoration contractors, public adjusters, property owners, attorneys, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies.

You are likely aware of insurance fraud committed by policyholders, but insurance companies can be guilty too. They want to pay their customers as little as possible, and may occasionally use unscrupulous tactics to make that happen. It’s not fair, and that is what the American Policyholder Association aims to prevent.

“Our mission is to advocate for criminal prosecution of the carrier-side fraud perpetrated against consumers,” explained Heather Shapter, the organization’s membership director. Investigators listen to complaints from members and, “if they find evidence of criminal fraud, package the case up for referral to prosecutors.”

Property owners depend on insurance companies to accurately measure losses and pay the benefits. The American Policyholder Association monitors this activity for deceptive practices. They study the adjustment process and fight against any anti-consumer methods or behaviors that may occur.

This type of fraud is, unfortunately, far too common.

“Many people in the restoration industry have been fighting alone against insurance company unfair claims practices,” Shapter stated. “We have watched policyholders, who may be filing their very first claim and do not know how to properly advocate for themselves, go against the pros at the insurance company and get taken advantage of time and time again.”

“The APA also works with the general public to facilitate complaints against licensed engineers and adjusters who are in violation of their licensing boards’ requirements for the honest and ethical practice of their trade,” Shapter continued. “A homeowner who does business with an APA member gets an extra sense of security that they’re dealing with a company possessed of good values. Someone who has signed an ethics pledge to place the best interest of the consumer first.”

Stonewater Roofing prides itself on doing things the right way. “We’re here, first and foremost, to help our community find peace of mind and stay safe,” said company owner and CEO Roland Browne. “The insurance process can be complicated, but it is much easier to navigate with a trustworthy partner by your side.”

“We are honored to be a part of an organization that has these same values in mind,” added Browne.