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Stonewater Scholarship Awarded To 10 High School Seniors

For the third straight year, the Stonewater Roofing Scholarship is helping high school seniors inch closer toward achieving their dreams. This time, a total of 10 graduating students from DFW to Arkansas each received $1,000 prizes. This is the most number of students that Stonewater has ever awarded in a single year.

It’s time to meet the 2023 Stonewater Roofing Scholarship winners!

Arianna Medina

Arianna Medina: Arianna is a senior at Georgetown High School and the first winner from the Central Texas area. She plans to study psychology at UT San Antonio in the fall. Having volunteered at child advocacy centers and seeing the mental struggles that some kids face, she strives to help children get through the difficult times in their lives. Arianna also leads an organization called The Locker which helps provide school supplies to young students, much like Stonewater’s own #ClearTheList initiative.

Carson Wallace

Carson Wallace: Carson attends Spring Hill High School in Longview and wants to pursue a career in education. He is an avid reader and lifelong learner, but he struggles with ADHD. He is thankful for the teachers in his life who recognized his difficulties early on and helped him overcome them. Carson now wants to follow in their footsteps and inspire future students to become the very best version of themselves.

Cooper Madden

Cooper Madden: Cooper is the first homeschooled student to win the Stonewater Roofing Scholarship, and he plans to attend LeTourneau University in Longview this fall. Cooper’s family has always had an interest in business, and this Carthage student is no different. In fact, he told his story to Stonewater from the perspective of a roofing salesman, knocking on doors and asking to check the roof for scholarship opportunities. Very clever, Cooper!

Dylan Rose

Dylan Rose: Dylan is the first student outside of Texas to be awarded a Stonewater Roofing Scholarship. He attends Ashdown High School in Arkansas, and he will be going to UT Austin later this year to study computational engineering. His love for nature brought him to a love for math and science. He wants to develop new methods of clean, renewable energy, all in an effort to help protect the environment that he loves so dearly.

Hailey Pitman

Hailey Pitman: Hailey is a senior at Longview High School and will be heading to Kilgore College this fall to study kinesiology. She has been an athlete and dancer throughout her early years, but often struggled with injuries that kept her sidelined. She now wants to help other athletes prevent such injuries, or continue past them. Her greatest dream is to one day be an athletic trainer for the Dallas Cowboys.

Ivy Brackeen

Ivy Brackeen: Ivy will be attending Southwestern University in Georgetown after graduating from Lindale High School. While she appreciates art in all forms — and even made her own a Stonewater Roofing painting — her ultimate goal is to become a stop motion animator. On top of that, Ivy is also studying ASL and doing work within the deaf community to help them gain a greater appreciation of the visual arts.

Juliana Cueva

Juliana Cueva: Juliana has big goals after she graduates from Palestine High School. First, she’s going to Oklahoma State to get a medical degree in dermatology. Then, she wants to return to Palestine and open the town’s first dermatology practice. She also wants to take her skills beyond borders, volunteering in places where medical care is not readily available. Juliana had alopecia as a child, and just wants to help others to feel confident in their own skin.

Maliyah Ransom

Maliyah Ransom: This senior from Trinity High School in Euless suffers from Crohn’s disease, and spent much of her younger years in and out of hospitals. That inspired Maliyah to pursue architecture at Prairie View A&M in hopes of designing children’s hospitals. She wants to make medical care less frightening and more fun for kids. In her free time, Maliyah appreciates artwork. She loves to paint and design her own clothing.

Savannah Solis

Savannah Solis: Savannah’s been an exemplary student at Chapel Hill High School in Tyler, and has a long list of achievements that make her stand out from the crowd. However, the one thing that few other kids can say is that she wrote a children’s book at just 15 years old. (You can order it on Amazon!) Savannah respects police officers and their families, and has dedicated her life to thanking law enforcement for their service. She will be studying criminal justice at UT Tyler in the fall.

Tyler Galbraith

Tyler Galbraith: Tyler has a deep appreciation for the sky, both meteorology and astronomy. Much like a roof, he thinks that it is taken for granted, and only acknowledged during severe storms. That is why, after graduating from Tyler Legacy High School, he will be attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi to study atmospheric science. Tyler wants to continue learning about the sky, the weather, and anything else going on above our heads.

Seniors were asked to submit short videos outlining their plans after graduation, the inspiration for choosing that path, and what the scholarship would mean to them and their family. This year, Stonewater Roofing expanded the contest area into new markets including Texarkana and Austin. Dozens of students shared their stories.

“We were thrilled to be able to open up this scholarship opportunity to more students in more areas,” added Stonewater Roofing COO and co-owner Jacob Law. “We awarded prizes to kids in Georgetown and Arkansas, and even our first homeschooler. It’s the most students we’ve ever awarded at one time, and we hope to continue expanding even further in the future.”

Stonewater Roofing is very active in the communities that we call home, and encouraging students and educators is particularly special for our team. In addition the annual scholarship, the company runs a #ClearTheList contest each year to help teachers get the supplies that they need for their classrooms.

“There are so many ways that we could give back to the community. We hear from organizations every day,” Law continued. “And while we wish we could help everyone, we really strive to invest in the future, invest in some really bright students, and invest in the resources that help educate them.”

Stonewater Roofing is thankful to GAF, ABC Supply, and the other partners who helped make this year’s scholarship possible. We would also like to thank the schools and educators who shared the Stonewater Roofing Scholarship information with their senior class. And, of course, a huge thank you to the students who took the time to submit videos. We love hearing your stories, and it is such a pleasure to meet so many inspiring young individuals.

Stonewater Helps 12 Teachers Get Classroom School Supplies

Stonewater Roofing continued its late summer tradition this year by hand-delivering overloaded boxes of school supplies to East Texas teachers as part of the company’s #ClearTheList campaign. This marks the fourth year that the roofing company has given back to area educators by buying up items on their classroom wish lists.

This was Stonewater Roofing’s biggest school supply drop yet with a total of 12 teachers receiving stacks of books, games, paints, and other learning tools. More than 450 items were delivered to campuses, elementary to high school, from the Longview area to the DFW area.

In order to be considered for the contest, applicants were asked to submit a short video explaining why they — or the teacher who they were nominating — deserved to have their classroom wish list cleared. The following list of winners were selected from those video submissions.

  • Deedra Evans, Cheney Hills Elementary School in Richland Hills
  • Yessenia Hernandez, East Side Elementary School in Jacksonville
  • Michelle Hill, Pine Tree Primary School in Longview
  • Sara Loredo, Three Lakes Middle School in Tyler
  • Katie Martin, Jacksonville Middle School in Jacksonville
  • Jenelle McClure, E.J. Moss Intermediate School in Lindale
  • Lauren Moore, Hallsville East Elementary School in Hallsville
  • Stephen Niedrauer, Tyler High School in Tyler
  • Ashley Poeschl, Stanton-Smith Elementary School in Whitehouse
  • Tracee Pouliasis, Truman W. Smith Children’s Care Center in Gladewater
  • Shannon Stewart, Boles Junior High School in Arlington

Each teacher had a special story to share with the Stonewater Roofing team. For instance, Hill is a first-year kindergarten teacher after changing careers following a battle with cancer. McClure feels teaching’s financial burden twice as hard each year, because her husband is also an educator in Lindale. Pouliasis works at the only facility in Texas that teams with a public school district to provide in-house education to children suffering from congenital disorders or debilitating injuries.

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In addition to those lucky educators, Stonewater Roofing also helped out a member of its own family. Megan Henley is a fourth grade teacher at Bullard Elementary School in Bullard, and the wife of Stonewater Roofing safety manager Rick Henley. “While the contest was being held, we found out about Meg’s own classroom needs,” said COO and co-owner Jacob Law. “It only made sense to help her out as well, and we did so with funds separate from the contest to make sure that it didn’t take away from any of our applicants.”

The #ClearTheList movement began as a social media effort to help educators get necessary school supplies. School districts are unable to keep up with this demand, which forces teachers to purchase materials for their students using money from their own pockets. Many teachers started relying on the kindness of online strangers, posting their Amazon wish lists on social media with the #ClearTheList hashtag. The campaign quickly went viral.

Stonewater Roofing employees delivered all of the school supplies to the winners in the first few weeks of August, just in time for the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

2022 Stonewater Scholarship Winners Announced

Stonewater Roofing is proud to announce the winners of the second annual Stonewater Scholarship. A total of five $2,500 prizes will be awarded to graduating seniors in five Texas cities. Students will receive their scholarships at the award ceremonies being held by their respective high schools next month.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Emily Davidson

Emily Davidson: Emily is a senior at Tyler Legacy High School. Her parents both work for nonprofits and, since elementary school, inspired her to donate time toward helping others. Her dedication to the community is unmatched, and we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes as a psychology major and mental health advocate at Hendrix College.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Emma Bosworth

Emma Bosworth: Emma plays soccer at Lindale High School, but a torn ACL has sidelined her since August. She did not let that stop her from pursuing her dream to play at the collegiate level. She will be attending Southern Maine in the fall and will be back on the pitch once again. Emma has shown courage by never giving up despite her uphill battle.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Garrett Cook

Garrett Cook: Garrett is a senior at White Oak High School and will attend TCU as a journalism and political science major in the fall. Coming from a family of journalists, he has always known that this was his passion. Guided by a strong sense of integrity, he hopes to someday improve upon our nation’s political climate and news media industry.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Jocelyn Soeun

Jocelyn Soeun: Jocelyn is a senior at Kennedale High School, where her creativity sets her apart. Proud of her Cambodian and Mexican heritage, she wants to celebrate diversity and inspire others to “be the representation.” She will be attending Texas A&M in the fall and majoring in public health, with a particular interest in optometry.

Stonewater Scholarship Winner Olivia DeVault

Olivia DeVault: Olivia is a senior at Central High School in Keller and wants to be a clinical pharmacist, a path she chose after battling her own health issues. She is on track to become a certified pharmacy technician before graduating high school. Having already accomplished so much, Olivia shows reliability through her many achievements.

Seniors were asked to submit short videos outlining their plans after graduation, the inspiration for choosing that path, and what the scholarship would mean to them and their family. Stonewater Roofing received nearly twice as many applicants as last year’s inaugural contest, with submissions stretching from DFW to Longview.

“Originally, we were only going to be able to award four scholarships,” explained Stonewater Roofing CEO Roland Browne, “but then, some of our partners heard we were doing it again and stepped in to help us give one more kid a scholarship. GAFABC Supply, and M. Roberts Digital chipped in to help us help out one more kid. We couldn’t be happier.”

Stonewater Roofing is very active in the communities that we call home, and encouraging students and educators is particularly special for our team. In addition the annual Stonewater Scholarship, the company also holds a #ClearTheList contest each year, helping teachers get the supplies that they need for their classrooms.

“These kids are our future,” Browne continued. “What better way to invest in the communities we serve than to invest in the kids who will one day be running the place?”

Stonewater Roofing is thankful to the partners who helped make this year’s scholarship possible, the high schools that shared the scholarship information with their senior class, and the students who took the time to submit videos. It was a pleasure to meet so many talented and inspiring individuals.

#ClearTheList Returns To Help Teachers From Longview To DFW

The new school year has arrived, but Stonewater Roofing first helped nine lucky teachers get the supplies they needed for their classrooms. It was part of the East Texas company’s annual #ClearTheList campaign, a push to assist underpaid educators by fulfilling their Amazon wishlists.

This was Stonewater Roofing’s third year helping out teachers. It was also the company’s largest school supply drop ever, hand-delivering books, games, pens, stickers and much more. Instructors ranged from elementary to high school and stretched from the DFW area to Longview. Winners were chosen randomly, and this year just so happened to include two ladies from Owens Elementary School in Tyler.

  • Bonnie Carney, Holiday Heights Elementary School in North Richland Hills
  • Regina Cooper Ahn, Bridgemark Center For Learning in Tyler
  • Nicole Dickerson, Stanton-Smith Elementary School in Whitehouse
  • Tracy Dingler, Bullard Elementary School in Bullard
  • Sarah Galland, Velma Penny Elementary School in Lindale
  • Stephanie Pearce, Pine Tree Primary School in Longview
  • Amy Touchstone, Longview High School in Longview
  • Risa Wasik, Owens Elementary School in Tyler
  • Kayla Whiddon, Owens Elementary School in Tyler

The #ClearTheList movement started as a social media phenomenon. School districts simply cannot afford to buy all of the supplies needed for their classrooms. So, many educators started relying on the kindness of online strangers, posting their wishlists and sharing the registries on social media with the #ClearTheList hashtag. The campaign soon turned into a viral sensation.

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“I’ve already spent a lot of money on my classroom, and there’s always more things to buy,” explained Dickerson as she learned that her list would be cleared. “There’s some things on there that we use every single day, like the paper and the markers, the things that get used up and we have to constantly buy.”

“I put so much into my classroom,” added Galland. “Not just money, but time and energy and just my whole heart.”

“If you teach with your heart first, more than anything, they’re going to remember that,” stated Touchstone about her Longview high schoolers. She said that many come from impoverished environments, and they deserve to have the same opportunities found elsewhere. “I feel like God put me in this position, at this school, for right now.”

Employees from Stonewater Roofing brought the overstuffed boxes of school supplies to the teachers before the new school year began. “We have come through probably the hardest year of our teaching careers,” said Carney, referencing the challenges that came about due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “This last group of kids made it, and I’m so looking forward to this new group of kids.”