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Longview Voters Choose Stonewater As “Best Of East Texas”

The votes are in, and Longview News-Journal readers selected Stonewater Roofing as Best Roofing Company in the newspaper’s annual “Best of East Texas” competition. This marks the 30th year for the honor and the first time that Stonewater has taken the top prize.

The “Best of East Texas” competition recognizes local businesses across all industries including retail, dining, and home services. In order to even be considered for the contest, companies had to first be recommended by their customers during a month-long nomination phase. Then, the top three companies in each industry were put into another month-long vote. Winners were chosen for each category by the newspaper’s readers.

Best Of East Texas 2022

“It was an honor just to be nominated, and everyone at Stonewater is extremely grateful to now win,” stated COO and co-owner Jacob Law. “We certainly owe this award to our customers, both past and present, who cared enough to make their voices heard. It speaks to the quality of our work and the relationships that we build, that people actually want to spread the word.”

“We do things the right way,” continued Law. “We’re honest. We’re reliable. Our customers really want to recommend us to their friends and strangers alike.” In fact, Stonewater Roofing has more than 600 positive reviews across their locations in Longview, Tyler, and Bedford.

So, if you need someone to help with your roof, it makes sense to choose the one that your neighbors love — the only one that has been voted “Best of East Texas.” Contact the local experts at Stonewater Roofing for a free damage assessment, or request a free energy assessment to find out how you can save money by switching to solar.

Stonewater Roofing Voted Tyler Paper’s “Best In Town”

Stonewater Roofing is proud to have been voted “Best in Town” by the Tyler Morning Telegraph‘s readers. The company defeated its competition by an overwhelming majority, proving what our employees have known for years. The local experts at Stonewater Roofing are second to none when it comes to protecting your property.

Results of the contest were officially announced Sunday after nearly two full months of nominations and voting.

“We know we’re the best roofing company, and it’s nice to hear that our customers agree,” said Curtis Jackson, Stonewater’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This is obviously a huge honor for us. It shows that our entire team is doing everything right, top to bottom. It’s very rewarding, and we could not be more excited.”

“We’re extemely proud of the work we do, proud of the service we provide, and now we can be proud knowing that the people we help truly appreciate everything we’ve done,” Jackson added.

Of course, reviews are also a good measure of customer satisfaction, and Stonewater Roofing has more Google reviews than any other East Texas roofing company. Click here to read those reviews or leave one yourself!

Along with excellent customer service and workmanship, Jackson credits some of the win to the company’s community activism efforts. “Giving back to the community is not a one-way street. When you help out others, you receive help in return. Whether it’s the nonprofits we help with sponsorships, the students we help with scholarships, the teachers we help with school supplies, the property owners we help with roofing issues,” he said. “We’re the best in town because we’re an active part of the town.”

Join our list of happy customers and see for yourself why Stonewater Roofing is the best in town. Click here to schedule your free roof damage assessment today!

Roofer Vs. Roofing Contractor Vs. Roofing Company

Deciphering the roofing terms and what they really mean can be confusing. A single company may describe itself by several different terms. When consumers are looking for residential roof repairs, maintenance or a new roof, confusion sets in quick! Let’s define three of the most used roofing names: roofer, roofing contractor and roofing company.


When you hear “roofer,” you should think of the hammer-and-nail guy that climbs a ladder to fix or install a roof. These are the hands-on workers performing the installation of the roof. Finding a roofer to repair a roof is usually not a wise choice, because their specialty may be purely in installation itself, not in providing a roofing estimate, solution or inspection.

Roofing Contractor

A “roofing contractor” is someone that is licensed with their state as a contractor specializing in roofing. Many roofing contractors complete the job themselves as a roofer.  Roofing contractors may often be employed by a roofing company. You should always ask questions such as whether the contractor is licensed, if they work with a crew, have their own company, or use subcontractors to help clarify the issue.

Hiring a roofing contractor: This is the person for the job if you’re just looking to focus on the roof itself.

Warning: Be sure that any contractor that comes to your door after a storm is local and can show proof of this along with a list of references. Many will be working locally, while others will be storm chasers. These contractors will either do poor work or take the money and run.

Roofing Company

A “roofing company” generally specializes in roofing, but offers other exterior services such as gutters, siding and windows. These companies will employ licensed professionals to do the work. Roofing companies typically gain standing with manufacturers that allow them to offer substantial warranties. Oversight and accountability is always better with a roofing company because they’re looking to do great work and stay in business indefinitely.

Hiring a roofing company: This is the right choice for anyone looking to replace their roof. While they are still a good choice for repairs and maintenance, a company really shines with installs and their warranties.

Warning: Just because they call themselves a roofing company doesn’t make it so. To be sure, make certain that they employ contractors, have an office staff, owner(s), project managers and other parts of their business. A real organization will have these working parts.


The professionals at Stonewater Roofing are highly skilled and experienced with exterior renovation, roofing assesment and installation. We can perform a free in-depth inspection of your roof, let you know its condition and provide a free estimate for its replacement.

We hope our defining roofer, roofing contractor and roofing company has helped clear up any confusion you may have had.

To be clear, Stonewater Roofing is a roofing company. We are locally owned and operated, run background checks on our employees, provide reference lists upon request, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.