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Kids Bring Valentine’s Day Surprises To Tyler Nursing Home

Every woman deserves to feel loved on Valentine’s Day, and a special group of ladies got a surprise visit from some pint-sized Cupids this year. The sons of Stonewater Roofing employees hand-delivered gifts to the elderly women at Park Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Tyler.

“Stonewater Roofing is very active in the community, showing our love and appreciation for the people,” stated chief marketing officer Trent Spradlin. “This is not about installing roofs. We know that these people aren’t going to be getting new roofs. It’s just about making sure that they feel loved.”

Valentine's Day Delivery At Nursing Home

The children who participated in this generous deed were as young as 3 years old.

Mark’s Formals provided dress clothes for the young men, while Stonewater Roofing purchased a wide variety of small presents including socks, hand sanitizer, tissues, puzzle books and more. The female residents also had the chance to get a picture made with their tiny Valentines.

“We wanted those who may be without their husbands or significant others to still experience the love of Valentine’s Day in some capacity,” said Spradlin.

Valentine's Day Delivery At Nursing Home

But the kind gesture was not just about the lucky ladies. It was also beneficial for the kids who took part. “We look at this as an opportunity to show the young men in our families the importance of loving and valuing women,” Spradlin explained. “We hope that it instills a sense of respect within our boys as they get older.”

Mike Huckabee Trusts Stonewater With Commercial Roofing Project

Stonewater Roofing is proud to be working with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on an East Texas roofing project. While he is no longer heard on the radio, the one-time Republican presidential candidate remains the co-owner of several radio stations in both Arkansas and Texas including KLJT in Jacksonville, located roughly 25 miles south of Tyler.

Huckabee and his business partner, Arkansas broadcaster Paul Coates, purchased the station from Waller Broadcasting in 2017, along with three others in the East Texas area. KLJT was previously known as Fun! FM before going off the air this past summer. The station relaunched this year as Fuzion 102.3 with a Spanish language Christian format.

However, the station’s previous headquarters at 402 South Ragsdale Street in Jacksonville no longer serves as the main home for KLJT. The property is actually listed for sale by realtor John Magouyrk. To increase the building’s value, it is receiving a new roof from Stonewater Roofing. The previous roof had been bombarded by hail and was in need of replacement.

KLJT Roof, Before Replacement

A look at the roof of KLJT, a radio station in Jacksonville owned by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, before Stonewater Roofing came in to replace it.

Stonewater Roofing’s salespeople had no idea that the property belonged to Huckabee when they first visited. “You never know who it’s going to be when you knock on that door,” explained company CEO Roland Browne. A deal was struck in December and construction began on the project earlier this week.

“Working with a high-profile company, like Huckabee and his people, only bolsters what we’re trying to do,” Browne continued.

KLJT Roof, Before Replacement

A look at the roof of KLJT, a radio station in Jacksonville owned by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, before Stonewater Roofing came in to replace it.

The team of experts at Stonewater Roofing are highly trained and experienced with working on large commercial projects such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools, churches, apartment complexes and, yes, even radio stations. Contact us today to schedule a free damage assessment for your business or home.

Even Light Rain Can Cause Damage To Your Roof

It’s easy to understand how large hailstones can cause damage to the roof of a home or business. The hail is large and heavy, and falling from the sky at an extremely fast rate. But did you know that even a light rain can be absolutely devastating to the roofs of some buildings?

It might sound silly, but it’s true.

If you have not had your roof replaced recently, then you most likely have some sort of hail damage. Texas sees hailstorms often. Just earlier this month, parts of East Texas were hit by hail as a line of powerful storms pushed through the area. It’s those prior storms that set your home or business up to be damaged by light rain.

Hail can leave bruises on a roof’s surface. The experts at Stonewater Roofing can help you identify these dark spots or dimples on your roof. A hail strike leaves these areas weakened and creates divots where rainwater can accumulate. In time, the divots erode to become holes. Now, instead of collecting rainwater, you will start to hear the ‘drip, drip, drip’ of a leak — even when there’s just a light shower.

Damaged shingles on a home.

A single leak may not seem like a huge problem, but it should not be underestimated. Soon, that leak could become significantly larger, ruin the insulation in your home or business, create discoloration or weak spots in the walls and ceilings, and wreak havoc on the living space or work area below.

Many things happen under a roof. Meals are shared. Business is done. Memories are made. Don’t let a small leak become a big hassle and interrupt the things that matter most. Let the highly trained experts at Stonewater Roofing take a look at your home or business and make sure that you’re safe from the next storm, no matter how small it may be.

Stonewater Roofing Reviews Roll In, Along With Severe Storms

Customers have given Stonewater Roofing an outstanding start to the new year, and we could not be more thankful. The first week of 2020 has seen multiple five-star reviews pop up on Google from residents across East Texas, eager to praise us for our quality workmanship, professionalism, site cleanup, customer service and more.

A number of our roofing experts were even applauded by name.


Michael Rushing and David Shoemaker, Stonewater Roofing employees, provided quality work with extra effort to details. I had some issues on material delivery. Michael found a solution to the problem, allowing the installation to be completed on time. The company installed quality undercovering and shingles in a professional manner and carefully removed all nails and debris upon job completion. I got what I paid for; quality materials, professional workmanship and they returned my calls promptly.
Sylvia Brady of Tyler (January 5, 2020)


Wonderful experience working with Dillon, Gage and the team at Stonewater Roofing. They were very accommodating to our busy schedules and patient with our many questions as we were roof replacement “rookies.” The work crew replacing our roof were very professional and left our yard immaculate after the job was complete.
Grace Manke of Tyler (January 6, 2020)


Jacob and Cary provided exceptional customer service coupled with quality and craftsmanship that were second to none! After a huge storm, we needed urgent roof repairs before more rain caused additional damage. Jacob came out the same day that I called and put tarps in place to protect our home from further damage until the insurance company determined total replacement was needed. Jacob even worked directly with our insurance company to make sure we were completely covered. Everyone with Stonewater went above and beyond to make sure every aspect of our roof was taken care of. Everything, start to finish, went incredibly smooth and we now have a beautiful new roof that will protect our family for many, many years to come! We highly recommend Stonewater Roofing!
Jeni Sikes of Bullard (January 6, 2020)


Stonewater Roofing was able to quickly identify my issue causing a leak in my garage and resolve in a very timely manner. They were also able to identify other areas that needed attention and the causes. I am very pleased with their attention to detail and quality of work. I will definitely use and recommend them in the future.
Kevin Holland of Hawkins (January 6, 2020)


Thank you so much to Stonewater Roofing for the professional manner and workmanship in which your crew reroofed my home. Thank you to Jordan for working with me on pricing over and above what insurance declined to pay. Thank you Cary Collum for being such a great Project Manager making sure the job was done properly. If you are looking to have a new roof, then I highly recommend Stonewater Roofing.
Glennys Harris of Longview (January 8, 2020)


These positive reviews could not have come at a better time for other East Texas residents and business owners. Meteorologists are forecasting severe weather on the horizon with a threat for powerful winds and damaging hail. More roofs throughout the Tyler and Longview areas will likely be battered by the storms.

But now you know who to trust with your roofing needs.

After severe weather strikes, do not wait. If you think that your home or business may have been damaged by strong winds or large hail, contact the highly trained experts at Stonewater Roofing to schedule your free assessment and make sure that your property, and your family, are protected before the next round of storms arrives.

Forbes Publishes Tyler Man’s Article On Dark Side Of Journalism

For many people, the start of a new year can also mean the start of new lifestyle changes. Some may choose to begin a diet and exercise plan. Others might try to break a bad habit. And many unhappy workers look to the new year as motivation to switch career paths.

Trent Spradlin joined Stonewater Roofing in 2018 as the Chief Marketing Officer, but he previously spent more than a decade in the broadcast journalism industry. He detailed his experience in a newly published article for Forbes entitled “How To Find Empathy Inside The Newsroom.”

Trent Spradlin

Trent Spradlin

In his article, Spradlin touches upon some of the traumatic experiences that journalists are forced to endure in the pursuit of breaking news. He also explains how journalism employees, much like the industry as a whole, are expected to be desensitized to whatever tragedies they may encounter.

In my 13 years of broadcast news, not once was there a mental health service offered (even when requested) to employees to navigate the things we experienced. Unlike emergency service personnel, we were not on the scene to help — we were there to exploit for ratings and financial gain.

The article paints a bleak picture of a journalism job that was often exhausting, unsettling, and sometimes downright gruesome. It became obvious that, for Spradlin, a career in news was ultimately not the right fit.

I was miserable, but numb thanks to external substances. It kept me going. It kept my job. The cycle continued with no help from supervisors.

Thankfully, with support from his friends and family, Spradlin was able to escape this industry that tied him down. He found new life at Stonewater Roofing. Spradlin is now extremely proud of his work. He has the freedom to be creative and expressive, and he is able to enjoy his job without a need for mental healthcare.

Does your current job leave you feeling frustrated, depressed, or underappreciated? Perhaps the new year is the time for you to switch career paths as well. Stonewater Roofing is currently looking for salespeople in both the Tyler and Longview areas. Visit our Careers page to apply today and get your future back on track.

Stonewater Roofing Brings Holiday Cheer To Children In Hospital

Christmas is the season of giving. We at Stonewater Roofing take that to heart, and nothing feels better than bringing a smile to a child’s face during the holiday season. That is why we partnered up with UT Health East Texas to spread cheer to children who are spending this Christmas in the hospital.

“When it comes to the holidays, it’s important for us to be able to look back at the past year and reflect on all the blessings that we’ve received as a company,” said Stonewater Roofing’s chief marketing officer Trent Spradlin, “and also to focus on where we can give back to the people that have helped make our success possible, which is our community.”

Stonewater Roofing employees went on a shopping spree at Target, walking out with bundles of toys and gifts for kids who will be in the UT Health East Texas pediatric ward when Santa comes to visit. Spradlin was joined by Stonewater Roofing’s human resources and safety director Delano Guevara, along with operations director Dianna Gregg.

The company also handed out more than $1,000 worth of gift cards to the parents of newborn babies at the hospital.

“It’s just so nice to see patients who are here, just to see the smile on their face,” added UT Health East Texas communications director Allison Pollan. “To see that they’re getting a gift card, that’s going to buy a lot of diapers for some of these new parents. Or we have a father who has six kiddos. That’s going to buy them Christmas presents. He’s been in the hospital for several days with his son and probably has not had a lot of time to do that, so to see his face and his whole demeanor change was very meaningful.”

But the day was particularly meaningful for Gregg. Her mother died in a car crash during the 2002 holiday season. “I was in the hospital. I was the kid,” she recalled. “I had to spend Christmas in the hospital and they gave me a toy, a stuffed animal from a random stranger. I still have that stuffed animal to this day.”

That is why it was important for Gregg to be at UT Health East Texas this year, to hand out toys to kids in similar situations. “It was time to pay it forward, what happened to me 17 years ago,” she said.

“It’s always very important to us to have local businesses, community members who are willing to give back, especially at the holidays,” explained Pollan. “Not many people want to be in the hospital over the Christmas holidays but, for those who are, to have something to brighten their day is very important.”

Stonewater Employee Makes Holidays Bright For Veterans

The best part of the Christmas season is bringing smiles to people’s faces with a kind gesture or a thoughtful gift. But there are some people who go all year barely being noticed. Despite decades of bravery and service, many residents at Watkins-Logan Texas State Veterans Home in Tyler often find themselves alone for the holidays.

“You don’t realize how many of them have nothing. They don’t have anybody,” said Bryanna Chapman of Stonewater Roofing.

Chapman and her sister, Kelse Hollowell of Reuland Orthodontics, started working together to change that. “We got a whole bunch of stockings, and we have a list of things that were really needed by the veterans at the veteran home,” Chapman said. “We started this little thing for people to swing by the offices and pick up some stockings and just fill them with things that the veterans needed or wanted, or stuff that we thought would be a good little Christmas gift.”

Bryanna Chapman (left) and Kelse Hollowell (right) proudly display the Christmas stockings that are being filled for veterans.

The wishlists included items like non-slip socks, pens and notepads, tissues, lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion, crossword puzzles and other activity books.

Chapman’s family at Stonewater Roofing was happy to help. “I just asked a lot of the guys or the office people if they wanted to help pitch in as well, and got a lot of response from it,” she added.

But this was not just an act of service for Chapman and Hollowell, it was a labor of love. “My husband, he’s in the Army. A lot of people in my family are in the military,” Chapman explained. “Veterans being in need over Christmas just broke my heart. I really wanted to help.”

Employees check over the Christmas stockings before they are delivered to veterans.

The stockings were delivered to the veterans in the days leading up to Christmas.

“It just makes sense,” Chapman continued. “They just didn’t have anything or anybody for Christmas, so being able to provide them with stuff like this just seemed like the right thing to do.”

‘Setting Aside Roof Sales’ To Help Longview Recover From Storms

Extremely powerful straight-line winds caused severe damage to homes and businesses across Longview this week. The National Weather Service said that gusts reached as high as 90 mph along a path nearly 17 miles long and more than 2,000 yards wide. KLTV meteorologist Mark Scirto compared the Longview storms to “an EF-1 tornado and a high-end Category 1 hurricane.”

Mayor Andy Mack confirmed that there were no fatalities nor serious injuries in Longview, but there was plenty of damage left behind.

Roofs were ripped apart. Large trees and power lines were toppled. The Longview storms resulted in widespread power outages and even forced some East Texas school districts to delay or cancel classes. Residents shared stunning photos of the damage on Facebook, showing massive amount of debris in their yards and on top of their houses.

But nothing could prepare Alicia Price for what she saw firsthand. “Facebook does not really do the damage justice,” she said. “You drive down through here and see roofs ripped off homes, huge trees through homes, windows blown out, patio doors blown out. The damage is pretty astronomical.”

That prompted Price, an invoicing specialist with Stonewater Roofing, to spring into action. She began coordinating with friends, business owners, police and city officials in Longview. The goal was to donate time, money and supplies to those impacted by this brutal storm, as well as those trying to clean up the mess that it left behind.

“We just wanted to give back to the community and help,” Price explained.

The team set up camp at the corner of Judson Road and Eden Drive. There, they have been providing barbecue meals around the clock and offering assistance in any way possible. “People are showing up to help,” stated Price early Friday. “Even this morning, I had some random people drop some water off. I don’t even know how they knew we were here.”

Along with the homeowners who saw property damage from the storm, Price and her team are also helping the city workers who have been busy cleaning up the storm’s path of destruction. “The city and police department were very welcoming,” Price added. “They’ve had nobody offer, so they were very excited that we were here and showing up.”

“When incidents like these happen, this is where we set aside trying to sell a roof,” explained Trent Spradlin, Chief Marketing Officer with Stonewater Roofing. “We set that aside for being empathetic to people who have lost something. All of us here at Stonewater obviously have experienced loss of some sort at some time, and we know what that’s like.”

“Whether its a homeowner or a city employee that’s been working throughout the night and during the day, giving them a break and some sense of normalcy, not having to worry about not having electricity at home to cook food and things of that nature, really is the reason that we’re doing this,” Spradlin elaborated. “It speaks directly to the Stonewater culture.”

Elementary Drumline To Play At Texas Revolution Game

Indoor football fans at the Texas Revolution game in Frisco on April 14 will also enjoy a rousing performance by the Caldwell Arts Academy drumline. “We love showcasing our students and the talents they have,” explained Bobby Markle, principal of the Tyler Independent School District campus.

The drumline is even more impressive because it is made up entirely of elementary students.

In fact, the Caldwell kids are the first competitive elementary school drumline in East Texas. “We were looking for outlets for these kids to perform. Elementary drumlining is not a big thing in Texas. It’s usually reserved for middle schools and high schools,” Markle said. “These are not just elementary students who picked up percussion and are going to struggle through cadences. These kids really have a God-given talent.”

That talent is now taking the Caldwell drumline to Stonewater Roofing Field at the Ford Center in Frisco, home of the Dallas Cowboys and home field for the Texas Revolution indoor football team. The Revs square off against the Amarillo Venom at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 14, with the pint-sized drummers as featured entertainers.

“Our kids get to perform on some pretty big stages just because of what our school does, but there’s not a bigger stage than where they are going on Sunday,” Markle added. “These kids will surprise a lot of those audience members. These kids are kids, don’t get me wrong, but they are professionals.”

The afterschool drumline program began with some parents who had experience in percussion and wanted to share their own talents with the younger generation. “At the time, we were having some discipline issues and issues with engagement. I thought, what a great outlet for young men to be able to beat on something. They want to do it anyway,” recalled Markle. “Once we got started, it just took off and has really been a robust program for us that will continue not only as a drumline, but as a part of our percussion curriculum.”

Stonewater Roofing COO Jacob Law (a former drum major) and CMO Trent Spradlin (a former drum captain) contributed educational and financial resources to the program. Spradlin is also one of the drumline directors. Students practice two days each week, learning discipline and character development, along with a little bit of rhythm.

“I just think communities need to be engaged in things that are positive,” Markle said. “We run into a lot of distractions in our communities around differences and things like that. But you get these kids on a drumline and see all the adults and children watching, smiling… that’s what community is about. It’s about the great things in your community, and this drumline is one of them.”

Shady Roofers Reportedly Popping Up In DFW

This is a serious alert for homeowners in Frisco and surrounding areas. Unscrupulous roofing contractors are on the prowl, looking to take advantage of people following the latest round of hail storms to hit North Texas. The key to protecting yourself is knowing how to spot one of the bad guys. Let us at Stonewater Roofing help you out.

Things To Avoid

Calling Your Insurance First: When a damaging storm hits, it might seem natural to immediately file a claim with your insurance company. But they do not want to give you money for roof repairs, and often cannot properly determine what needs to be fixed. Always call a roofing company first to assess the damage. Only a highly skilled professional, like the ones at Stonewater Roofing, will be able to identify and document the true extent of damage to your home, and create an accurate estimate for repairs. The claim process becomes hassle-free when homeowners are already armed with this detailed information.

Absorbing Your Deductible: Many roofing companies will offer — even advertise — to absorb or waive your deductible. Simply put, this practice is illegal and could get you and the company in serious trouble. While it may save homeowners a few thousand dollars on their roof repairs, it is considered to be a form of insurance fraud. The law is rarely enforced, which is why companies can get away with publicly making such claims. The roofing company often accounts for the lost money by using cheaper materials, cutting corners on the project, or exaggerating the price of their services.

Not Doing Research On A Contractor: The roofing industry has a bad reputation thanks to scam artists who swoop in after a hail storm, provide subpar services, collect your money and vanish without a trace. But some roofing companies genuinely want to help. Your home is the biggest investment of your life, so do research before trusting someone to protect your property. Look at the reviews on Google and/or Facebook. Make sure that the company has a professional website and reliable contact information. See if they have a corporate office, and are not just a “guy in a truck.” Proper research will provide you with peace of mind.

Paying Cash To A Storm Chaser: Hail storms always bring out fly-by-night roofers, those who are not professionals and are simply trying to make some extra money on the side. They often use high-pressure tactics and demand payment upfront, many times in cash. This is not someone whom you should trust. Make sure that you hire a roofing company which provides proper documentation throughout the process. Do not pay for a completed roof until the work is actually finished. When you do pay, get a receipt or a copy of your check. Also, if a company offers financing options, they are more trustworthy and likely to be in business for the long haul.

Signs Of Fraud

Claiming Work That Wasn’t Done: A roofer should provide you and your insurance company with an estimate that includes several items to be replaced during the project. But, when construction begins, it is easy for unscrupulous workers to cut corners and claim that things were fixed when they were not. This is particularly true with parts of the roofing system which sit under the shingles, out of view from homeowners and inspectors. Then, in the future, when these parts are in even more serious need of repair, your insurance company may not pay for the work since it was included in your previous claim.

No Office Location Or Website: You have agreed to a contract with a roofing company and need to get in touch with them, either before the project begins or even many years later. A quick online search yields no results. What can you do? Not much, because many roofers are simply a “guy in a truck” with no business location or online presence. Before you choose a roofing company, make sure that they have a physical office, a professional website and social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. You should be able to contact the company without hassle and discuss any issues with a dedicated customer service representative.

No Company = No Warranty: A warranty is a great purchase when getting a new roof installed on your home. It provides decades of comfort, knowing that your investment is protected at all times. But what happens if you pay for a warranty with a company that goes out of business just a few years later? Then, that money is wasted and you are out of luck when more repairs are needed. Search for a roofing company that has been in business for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. Also, ask if the warranty is provided by the just the company itself or the material manufacturer as well.

A Company You Can Trust

Stonewater Roofing started from humble beginnings at a home in East Texas, and now we wish to ensure that your home, and your family, are safe from the elements. But we are more than just a home repair company. We are your neighbors in this community. When someone is in need, we are there to help them out. When a local musician hits the scene, we are there to bring them an audience. When the Texas Revolution score a touchdown at Stonewater Roofing Field in Frisco, we are there to cheer for the team. And when a storm strikes, Stonewater Roofing is there for our community… our neighbors… our family.

Project Managers & Warranties: A roofing system from Stonewater Roofing is both reliable and protected. We have a team of unbelievably skilled project managers who remain at the site of every roof installation, to ensure that your home receives only the highest quality of workmanship — from start to finish. We also offer warranty options that will help you sleep easier, knowing that your family and your property are safe from the harsh Texas weather. Our warranties are backed by GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing products in North America, and can keep you covered for a lifetime.

Say Yes & We Do The Rest: There are absolutely no headaches or hassles when you work with Stonewater Roofing. We agree to assist you with every step of the way, including the tedious and often confusing insurance claim process. We make sure that you get the most value for your deductible. After all, we are The Leader In Insurance Claim Approval. We will not stop until you, the homeowner, are completely satisfied with your brand new roof system. And, if you ever have a question or concern, our customer service representatives are easy to reach, and eagerly waiting to help you out.

Still have questions or concerns? Explore our website and social media channels, or call us at 903-266-1205 to speak directly with one of our trained staff members.