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Stonewater Employee Makes Holidays Bright For Veterans

The best part of the Christmas season is bringing smiles to people’s faces with a kind gesture or a thoughtful gift. But there are some people who go all year barely being noticed. Despite decades of bravery and service, many residents at Watkins-Logan Texas State Veterans Home in Tyler often find themselves alone for the holidays.

“You don’t realize how many of them have nothing. They don’t have anybody,” said Bryanna Chapman of Stonewater Roofing.

Chapman and her sister, Kelse Hollowell of Reuland Orthodontics, started working together to change that. “We got a whole bunch of stockings, and we have a list of things that were really needed by the veterans at the veteran home,” Chapman said. “We started this little thing for people to swing by the offices and pick up some stockings and just fill them with things that the veterans needed or wanted, or stuff that we thought would be a good little Christmas gift.”

Bryanna Chapman (left) and Kelse Hollowell (right) proudly display the Christmas stockings that are being filled for veterans.

The wishlists included items like non-slip socks, pens and notepads, tissues, lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion, crossword puzzles and other activity books.

Chapman’s family at Stonewater Roofing was happy to help. “I just asked a lot of the guys or the office people if they wanted to help pitch in as well, and got a lot of response from it,” she added.

But this was not just an act of service for Chapman and Hollowell, it was a labor of love. “My husband, he’s in the Army. A lot of people in my family are in the military,” Chapman explained. “Veterans being in need over Christmas just broke my heart. I really wanted to help.”

Employees check over the Christmas stockings before they are delivered to veterans.

The stockings were delivered to the veterans in the days leading up to Christmas.

“It just makes sense,” Chapman continued. “They just didn’t have anything or anybody for Christmas, so being able to provide them with stuff like this just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Tyler Area Business Owners Mingle At After Hours Event

Business owners took a break from the scorching 95-degree East Texas heat on Thursday evening to mingle with their peers at this month’s After Hours event, courtesy of the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce and Stonewater Roofing.

The happy hour gathering was held at the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites in south Tyler.

After Hours

These monthly After Hours events give the Tyler area’s elite a chance to unwind and get to know other local business owners, potentially sparking some mutually beneficial relationships and strengthening the Rose City’s economy. Jenni Wilson with the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce said that such events are “really important.”

“We have over 2,000 members in the Tyler Chamber,” Wilson explained. “This gives them an opportunity to network with each other, trade secrets and just get to know each other.”

After Hours

Along with free drinks provided by R&K Distributors, patrons were treated to finger food from Montez Brothers Catering and live acoustic music from former “American Idol” contestant and Tyler native Vivian Villapudua.

Stonewater Roofing was thrilled to be the sponsor for the August iteration of this event.


Trent Spradlin is the Chief Marketing Officer for Stonewater Roofing. “The greatest thing about these types of events is being able to see a healthy Chamber, which means there is a healthy community of businesses that are not only helping grow the community as a whole, but partnering together on different events and projects,” he said. “It’s great to see our advertising partners out here. It’s great to see other businesses that we have partnered with in different capacities over the last few years, and we look forward to continuing that growth in the future.”

Elementary Drumline To Play At Texas Revolution Game

Indoor football fans at the Texas Revolution game in Frisco on April 14 will also enjoy a rousing performance by the Caldwell Arts Academy drumline. “We love showcasing our students and the talents they have,” explained Bobby Markle, principal of the Tyler Independent School District campus.

The drumline is even more impressive because it is made up entirely of elementary students.

In fact, the Caldwell kids are the first competitive elementary school drumline in East Texas. “We were looking for outlets for these kids to perform. Elementary drumlining is not a big thing in Texas. It’s usually reserved for middle schools and high schools,” Markle said. “These are not just elementary students who picked up percussion and are going to struggle through cadences. These kids really have a God-given talent.”

That talent is now taking the Caldwell drumline to Stonewater Roofing Field at the Ford Center in Frisco, home of the Dallas Cowboys and home field for the Texas Revolution indoor football team. The Revs square off against the Amarillo Venom at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 14, with the pint-sized drummers as featured entertainers.

“Our kids get to perform on some pretty big stages just because of what our school does, but there’s not a bigger stage than where they are going on Sunday,” Markle added. “These kids will surprise a lot of those audience members. These kids are kids, don’t get me wrong, but they are professionals.”

The afterschool drumline program began with some parents who had experience in percussion and wanted to share their own talents with the younger generation. “At the time, we were having some discipline issues and issues with engagement. I thought, what a great outlet for young men to be able to beat on something. They want to do it anyway,” recalled Markle. “Once we got started, it just took off and has really been a robust program for us that will continue not only as a drumline, but as a part of our percussion curriculum.”

Stonewater Roofing COO Jacob Law (a former drum major) and CMO Trent Spradlin (a former drum captain) contributed educational and financial resources to the program. Spradlin is also one of the drumline directors. Students practice two days each week, learning discipline and character development, along with a little bit of rhythm.

“I just think communities need to be engaged in things that are positive,” Markle said. “We run into a lot of distractions in our communities around differences and things like that. But you get these kids on a drumline and see all the adults and children watching, smiling… that’s what community is about. It’s about the great things in your community, and this drumline is one of them.”

Stoney LaRue’s Advice For Young Musicians

Country music artist Stoney LaRue was recently in Tyler, and stopped to chat with Stonewater Sessions about his life on the road. He also shared some personal advice for musicians who are just getting started. LaRue and Longview band Post Profit were featured in the newest installment of the Facebook live show which highlights some of the very best regional recording artists.

“It doesn’t ever get old,” said LaRue about touring. “It gets tiring.”

However, as a music industry veteran, LaRue now knows how to cope with the daily grind on a tour bus. “Exercise helps out tremendously,” he explained. “Diet, not drinking too much, just finding the balance.” While some people might find this lifestyle to be a chore, the twinkle in LaRue’s eye shows that he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

You can catch LaRue on the road right now. Head over to his website for tour dates and ticket information. He has shows coming up in Texarkana, Waco and Fort Worth soon, along with many more. Plus, he will be playing at the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival in Tyler in May. Stonewater Roofing is among the proud sponsors of this event.

For younger artists who want to commit themselves to playing music, LaRue has one key piece of advice. “Mean it,” he stated with conviction. “Be honest with your talent, with what you want to do with it. Know what you’re going to say. Just be honest about it, because your body will know, your crowd will know, your audience will know if you’re faking it.”

As for whether musicians should focus their attention on the road or in the recording studio, LaRue hedged, understanding that it’s important to split focus. “It kind of depends on what they’re after. A lot of people sound better recorded than they do live. I know that a lot of my crowd prefers a lot of my live stuff. So, I guess it’s just based off of the individual artist,” he said. “I kind of like both, and it definitely changes, but I like the live thing.”

Check out Stonewater Sessions to see band Post Profit perform “Same Sad Song” at The Robot Cave in Tyler, and hear more from our interview with LaRue. What is his biggest pet peeve? What name would he like to have? What was his dumbest injury? (“The bass player threw up,” he recalled.) Those personal details and more are all revealed, so you don’t want to miss it.

Be sure to follow Stonewater Roofing on Facebook for alerts about the next episode of Stonewater Sessions.

Country Music’s Will Hoge To Perform Live In Tyler

Some of the best national and regional touring artists are being featured in Stonewater Sessions, streaming their newest and most popular songs on Facebook while giving viewers an inside look behind the music. Now, you have a chance to be a part of the next event when Stonewater Sessions goes LIVE with Will Hoge at Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler.

Hoge is perhaps best known for his song “Strong,” which appeared in a television commercial for the Chevrolet Silverado. He also scored a hit on the country music charts with “Middle of America,” and received an ACM, CMA and Grammy nomination as a writer for chart-topping hit “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” released by the Eli Young Band.

In other words, this is a show that you will not want to miss.

The concert will be held on Thursday, April 25. Doors open at 7:00 PM with Hoge taking the stage an hour later. Tickets are now available in advance for just $8.00 by ordering online, or priced at $15.00 if you purchase at the door. Seating is limited, so act fast. Then, let everyone know that you’re going and share the event with others by checking in on Facebook.

Will Hoge at Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q is brought to you by KNUE and Stonewater Roofing.

Can’t wait to hear some amazing live country music? Head on over to the last installment of Stonewater Sessions, where we sat down with Whitehouse native Tyler Dudley at The Robot Cave as he performed some new tunes, spoke about his early days in the music industry, and gave credit to the men who helped lead him down the path to success.

Find Out Who Helped Tyler Dudley Pursue Music

The Lone Star State has no shortage of country music performers, and some of the best up-and-coming artists are being featured in Stonewater Sessions, streaming their newest and most popular songs on Facebook while giving viewers an inside look behind the music. The latest artist in the spotlight is Whitehouse native Tyler Dudley, who is about to release a new album.

Dudley spoke with Stonewater Roofing at The Robot Cave recording studio in Tyler, before his performance at Coach’s & Cowboy’s last month.

“I worked at Cavender’s for years. It was really my only real job,” Dudley recalled. “I was a manager there, and I just didn’t like the whole 9-5 thing.”

That is when Dudley turned his back on retail and decided to pursue his true passion in life. “I’ve always just loved music,” he said. “I had something and wanted to use it. And that made me happy. That’s what it’s all about to me, just doing what you love.”

Dudley is quick to credit others for his success, notably JB Patterson from JB & The Moonshine Band. “I was playing at a sports bar years ago, and we were playing one of JB’s songs and they came up. I think it’s just funny. I feel like that’s just how this industry works is you just meet people. That’s what it’s all about. You just slowly make connections, you meet people, the right people.”

Patterson helped lead Dudley on his journey into the music industry. “He really took me under his wing and just showed me the ways and the routes. He’s produced the album. He’s told me what steps to take. Without him, this would be a whole lot harder to process. So, to have someone like him in my corner to help, it’s kind of crazy.”

But it’s not just famous names that helped Dudley get his start. Perhaps the most influential force behind Dudley’s career was his grandfather. “My grandfather was probably the one that really,” Dudley started. “He used to play guitar a lot and sing around the house. He was the one that really motivated me and wanted me to do it. He passed away a little over a year ago and we wrote a song. We got a song that’s coming out on the EP soon.”

Tyler Dudley speaks to Stonewater Roofing about his music career.

However, the first single from that EP is “Heart the Size of Texas.” Dudley performed the song live for Stonewater Sessions. “It’s another one of those songs that’s pretty self-explanatory, about a girl that I met that had a heart the size of Texas, had a really big heart, and just cared more than she probably should have about a lot of different things, about other people and myself.”

Dudley also performed “Wastin’ My Time,” which he said is about “a relationship that I felt was just going nowhere.”

“I definitely think that music is a great way for anybody that’s going through anything like that can listen to something and know that someone else is going through kind of the same thing,” Dudley said. “I think that’s the wonderful thing about music.”

Red Dirt Festival Celebrates The Best Texas BBQ & Music

It’s a treat for your ears and your taste buds! The best BBQ in Texas will pair with some fantastic live music once again for the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, being held on May 4 in downtown Tyler. This will be the sixth year for the event, which has quickly become an East Texas favorite.

For those who have never made it out, the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival brings together more than 25 of the most popular BBQ joints from across the state — from Tyler to Amarillo. Sample a wide variety of smoked meat dishes while never leaving the Rose City’s bricked streets.

But the mouthwatering food is just half of the fun. Enjoy your meal while listening to nearly 12 hours of live music on the Stonewater Stage. This year’s artists have been revealed, and fans are already eager to attend this uniquely Texas event.

  • Randy Rogers Band
  • Wade Bowen
  • Stoney LaRue
  • American Aquarium
  • Mike & The Moonpies

Plus, attendees have multiple chances to win an iPad Pro at the festival from Stonewater Roofing.

Tickets go on sale at 10:00 AM on February 1 and you don’t want to miss out. Last year, officials stated that 5,000 tickets were sold in less than 48 hours, and VIP tickets were gone in just 30 seconds. That was a record time, and this year’s event is sure to be just as popular. Visit the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival’s website for ticket information and more details. Stonewater Roofing is among the event’s proud sponsors.

“It’s All About Networking” At B2B Expo In Tyler

East Texas business leaders shook hands and swapped cards at the Harvey Convention Center on Thursday afternoon. Many of the area’s best companies gathered under one roof for the B2B Expo, presented by the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce and sponsored in part by Stonewater Roofing. More than 5,000 people attend the event each year.

“This event is 25 years old this year, and it’s all about networking,” said chamber COO Henry Bell. “It’s all about connecting people to help them do their businesses with each other, business to business. That’s B2B.”

Booths were spread across the convention center’s main room, and even spilled out into the hallways. Along with the exhibition floor, the event included specialized presentations to help local businesses learn the skills that are necessary for growth. “We had HR workshops this morning. We had a networking luncheon. Now, the expo with all of the exhibitors and their booths,” Bell continued. “They’re all networking and networking with each other.”

“If it wasn’t for small business, we would be nowhere,” said Brent Lyon, director of sales for Townsquare Media. “All of our employees believe that small business is the foundation of who we are.”

“This event has gotten better and better,” added Jennifer Gaston, editorial director for Tyler Today magazine. Her publication reaches 90,000 readers across Smith County. This is Gaston’s ninth year at the B2B Expo. “The more I’m involved with, the more people I meet. Stay engaged and find stories.”

Katie Clarkston holds her new Apple iPad Pro along with Stonewater Roofing’s Anayo Onyi (left) and Trent Spradlin (right) at the B2B Expo in Tyler.

Stonewater Roofing was among the businesses in attendance at the expo, interviewing officials from other companies on Facebook Live and handing out bags, water bottles and more. Invoicing specialist Matthew Coats even provided some live music for the event. A very special congratulations goes out to Katie Clarkston with SERVPRO of Tyler, who walked away from the Stonewater Roofing booth as the winner of a brand new Apple iPad Pro.

Meanwhile, Bell is particularly proud of how the area has thrived in his time with the chamber, partially due to efforts like the B2B Expo. “It is very fruitful to see the success and the growth that Tyler and East Texas has experienced,” he said. “We were instilled as youngsters that you should give back to your community, give back more than you take out of a community, help it grow.”

See Tyler’s Best Businesses At The 2019 B2B Expo

Admit it, many of the new year’s resolutions that you made have probably been broken already. But it’s easy to commit yourself to using more local businesses in 2019. There’s no shortage of options in the Tyler area, and some of the best will be on display at the B2B Expo.

The event will be held on Thursday, January 17 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Harvey Convention Center.

Do not be fooled by the name. The expo is not only a chance for businesses to network. Consumers are also welcome to see what local companies have to offer.

More than 5,000 people attend the B2B Expo each year. It is an opportunity for folks in the Tyler area to learn about the products and services being offered in their very own neighborhood.

Best of all, the expo is FREE for those who present a business card.

The day’s events also include a business workshop, luncheon with a speaker, $1,000 worth of prize giveaways, and more! Visit the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce’s website for further details.

Stonewater Roofing will be in attendance, and is a proud sponsor of this event.

Elementary Kids Prepare For Drumline Competition

A growing East Texas company is encouraging growth of the arts in the Tyler Independent School District. The Caldwell Arts Academy Drumline is the first competitive elementary school drumline in East Texas. Students from first through sixth grade auditioned for the group and are gearing up for competitions in early 2019.

Stonewater Roofing, a Tyler based commercial and residential roofing company, has a special appreciation for these types of programs. COO Jacob Law (former John Tyler High School Drum Major) and VP of Communications Trent Spradlin (former Robert E. Lee Drum Captain) have contributed financial and educational resources to the organization.

Directed by Spradlin and Travis Sutphen, students practice two days each week learning discipline, character development and a little bit of rhythm.

Spradlin hopes that the district sees the benefits, internally and externally, that this program provides, and expects similar programs to develop over the coming years.

If it weren’t for the support and flexibility of Stonewater Roofing, the program would not be at the level it is at currently. With the growth of the company, Stonewater Roofing will continue to provide support for groups like the Caldwell Drumline, not only here in Tyler, but in all of their service areas throughout Texas.

A version of this article originally appeared on KLTV’s website.