Stonewater Roofing employees with #ClearTheList winner Michelle Springborn at McCoy Elementary School in Georgetown, TX.

9 Texas Teachers Get Wishlists Cleared By Stonewater Roofing

For the fifth year in a row, Stonewater Roofing has helped Texas teachers clear their classroom wishlists as part of the company’s #ClearTheList initiative. Employees from Stonewater visited nine educators in East Texas, DFW, and the Austin area with boxes full of markers, paper, pencils, and some more eccentric items.

This year’s #ClearTheList winners are:

  • Adriana Alegria, Thomas J. Rusk Elementary School in Nacogdoches
  • Kelly Bonnette, Cain Elementary School in Whitehouse
  • Jennifer Constante, Three Lakes Middle School in Tyler
  • Elizabeth Coti, Sabine High School in Gladewater
  • Layne Fumo, Caldwell Arts Academy in Tyler
  • Travis Kincheloe, Georgetown High School in Georgetown
  • Melynn Lopez, L.D. Bell High School in Hurst
  • Alejandra Sanchez, Trinity Basin Preparatory School in Fort Worth
  • Michelle Springborn, McCoy Elementary School in Georgetown

The #ClearTheList movement started as a nationwide social media push, urging strangers to help teachers get supplies for their classrooms. School districts are often unable to provide everything that students need throughout the year, putting that burden on the already underpaid teachers to pay for supplies out of their own pockets. Educators began sharing their Amazon wishlists with the #ClearTheList hashtag in hopes that other kind souls would help foot the bill.

Stonewater took that to the next level by picking some teachers and literally clearing their lists. Applicants were asked to submit a short, creative video explaining who they are and how the supplies would help their kids during the coming school year. “The fact that Stonewater Roofing is willing to give back to their community and educators,” said Sanchez, “speaks highly of you all.”

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“Everything you see always comes out of pocket,” explained Coti, as Stonewater employees delivered her supplies. “They’re doing this not just for me as a teacher, but for my students, so they can have a great learning environment.”

“It’s such a blessing to have people who hear what I’m doing and see the passion that I have with teaching, and get rewarded for that,” added Fumo.

In the five years that Stonewater has been helping teachers, Constante’s list was by far the most unique. The U.S. history teacher wanted costumes, props, models, and a life-size cardboard cutout of George Washington. “I’m going to be using them for room transformations, for simulations, for hands-on learning experiences for the students to bring history to life,” she said.

While the teachers definitely enjoy the school supply deliveries, Stonewater’s employees may enjoy them even more. “It’s a great feeling. It’s a really fulfilling moment just seeing the teacher go through the things and explaining how they’ll apply it throughout the year,” said solar sales coordinator Anayo Onyi.

In addition to the teachers selected through the contest, Stonewater also helped a member of their own family. Dawn Pierce, wife of Stonewater direct sales supervisor Chris Pierce, is a teacher at Nacogdoches High School. Although she did not have a wishlist prepared, the company donated $1,000 to help her purchase books and other materials for her students.

“Thank you so much for everything that you guys have done,” said Lopez, who recruited some of her former students to provide testimonials during her video. “This is so amazing, and teachers are so blessed by you guys.”

“Thank you to Stonewater Roofing,” added Kincheloe. His wife and daughter submitted a video nominating him for Stonewater’s contest, and he had no idea. “We appreciate your support of teachers and public education. We’ll make you proud.”