Janie's Cakes Commercial Roof In Tyler, TX

Janie’s Cakes In Tyler Gets Clean New Commercial Roof

Many ingredients go into making the perfect pound cake. But without a building to work in, the team at Janie’s Cakes would have nowhere to whip up their delicious treats. That’s why it was important to them — and us — that Janie’s Cakes get the best possible roof for their kitchen and storefront in Tyler.

Janie Clapp and Katherine Crow are the mother-daughter duo behind Janie’s Cakes. While the company began decades ago, they did not move into their current location until 2009, repurposing the old Coats-McCain Lumber Company building on East Front Street. “It’s been here for a long time,” said Clapp. “I’m not sure when it was built. Twenties? Thirties?”

The roof had been leaking for a little bit, Clapp and Crow explained. They realized that it was time to find an honest and reliable roofing company to tackle the job. “We’d just finally gotten to the point where the leaks were a little too frequent,” Crow said. “I called y’all’s office and got a call back, and then Roland was over here, like, lickety-split.”

Crow is talking about Roland Browne, the founder and CEO of Stonewater Roofing, who personally addressed the Janie’s Cakes project. “Janie’s Cakes is iconic in the East Texas area, and they have a beautiful building that’s just a ray of sunshine to look at,” Browne said. “I’m so happy that we were able to get them covered with a strong and dependable new roof.”

“They were on it, very efficient,” Clapp said of the roofing process.

Crow was quick to echo her mother’s statements. “Efficient, prompt, on time, well organized,” she said. “Anytime we do a project, we like to improve upon it, and Roland had the same point of view. So, not only would our roof be replaced, it would be replaced with a better quality material. It would overall be more energy efficient and more durable. So, maybe we’ll gain another decade or so out of it.”

“I appreciate the fact, too, that they kept us informed,” Clapp said. “If something came up with our oven, our vent to go with that I mean, they talked it over with us. They just didn’t do something. They discussed what they were going to do.”

“It looks great. It’s clean. It’s definitely an improvement from what we had, and really thankful that it happened so quickly,” said Crow. “Great overall. I enjoyed the whole process. I would do it all over again.”

Crow even gave Stonewater Roofing the best compliment of all, comparing our commercial roofing knowledge to those yummy desserts that she and her mom make each day. “Y’all are experts in your field just like we’re experts at making cakes,” she added. True, but our roofs don’t taste so darn good!

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