Stafford Wellness

Stafford Wellness In Longview Gets New Roof & More

When the team from Stonewater Roofing first met Aaron Stafford, the owner of Stafford Wellness in Longview, he knew that his building’s roof was probably in poor condition. “I hadn’t been on the roof but maybe a couple of times,” he explained. “We knew we had a lot of damage to the roof, had several cave-ins previous to me owning the building.”

The 26,000 square foot facility was built in 1982. Stafford Wellness has been operating in the building since 2010, with Stafford taking over ownership of the building in 2014. His business holds boot camp fitness programs inside, along with other activities aimed at improving physical health.

“We didn’t know the extent that the hail damage potentially was,” Stafford said.

So, when Stonewater Roofing of Longview offered a free damage assessment of his facility, Stafford was more than welcoming. “It was a great opportunity to have someone go up and at least take a look and see exactly what needed to be done,” he said. “They opened our eyes to a lot of the things that we were unaware of.”

For just the price of his deductible, Stafford was able to get a new roof, several new air conditioning units, new exterior paint and a new sign. “The building was pretty much overhauled completely on the outside,” he said. “It looks totally different now than it did before.”

“We thought we were just going to get a roof and ended up getting pretty much a whole new outside building,” Stafford said.

The old Stafford Wellness was a tan building that showed its age. Stafford said that he’d always talked about a new paint job and updates to spruce up the outside. “It looked like an old courthouse or federal building,” Stafford added. “A new paint job actually has really changed everything to the exterior look of the building.”

Stafford’s customers have definitely noticed the change as well. “We’ve gotten a phenomenal response from the way the building looks now, from the exterior to the sign to pretty much everything,” he said. “Extremely simple process, and highly recommend that you might look into Stonewater, for sure.”